Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mini Goal-Write In Blog-Done!

I am terrible at keeping up this blog. I've started a blog on Myspace and because of that, have neglected this blog.

This week I am focussed on small goals. My To-Do list is in desperate need of attention so I started working on it this week.

Things such as spending less time online if I am not working by keeping busy with watching movies and cleaning. So far, I've been able to do that. Though today I got lazy with cleaning and did NO cleaning at all.

I also need to run some errands sometime this week/weekend.

Now that my job has alleviated some of the deadlines for my reports, I can more easily relax when I am not working instead of constantly thinking that instead of running this errand, or cleaning that room, I could be working on this report.

One of my goals was to write an entry in this blog and update my weird news blog.

I better go find some weird news!

posted at 1:47 PM


Monday, March 06, 2006

Sore, Tired, And Gonna Be On TV

I had a very exciting, interesting, and tiring night last night. Went to a friend's wedding reception and danced for 3 hrs, then we went to their after-party where things got pretty wild and crazy. We didn't leave there until close to 5 am. As with most emotionally charged parties, we ran the gammut of emotions that night from laughter, to crying, to shouting, to just good ol' fashioned talking.

Luckily I didn't have to start work until late afternoon today so I had some time to deal with my hangover the best I could.

Tomorrow a local news station is coming by my place to do a story on my work-at-home job. I am nervous as hell, still battling residue of this morning's hangover, and just can't wait to get it all over with so I can go back to normalcy.

But I am a little excited about being on tv, even if only a local show. At least I only work for a half hour tomorrow night so I have the whole day to relax after the news crew leaves.

posted at 3:37 PM


Thursday, March 02, 2006


My supervisor job has really gotten beyond stressful. The powers that be have piled even more responsibilites on us. With these new duties, there is NO way we can get it all done in the time we are given.

There will be a meeting tomorrow and a few of us plan to bring these unresonable expectations of us to the forefront.

Because of all of this stress I have lost even more weight than my diet was losing for me. I lost 5 pounds in this one week. I have to make myself eat.

But as the old addage says, this too will pass.

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