Friday, February 24, 2006

Singing In The Rain

So I bought a webcam...and it arrived today. I made a short video and posted on Myspace for my friends...they love it so far. YAY ME!!!

Don't worry, I'll make one for all of my friends on here too (Beatty, Stacy, Spring, ect).

Also my iPod software quit working so I sent in a request to make sure it isn't the iPod itself. So Apple is sending me a new one and I will send this one back to them.

In case it is the software and not the iPod itself, I bought a Creative Zen Nano 1GB. Read tons of reviews for it and they were mostly good. My new MP3 player will arrive Mondayish. I can't wait!! It hold 500 tunes and has an LCD screen and microphone.

If the iPod does get fixed then I can either keep it as a backup or give it to someone as a gift. I haven't decided yet.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Is That Me?

I am making a drastic physical change. After mulling over the idea for YEARS but more recently deciding this is the best time to go for it....I have decided....

To get my hair chopped....think Halle Berry:

Think this model:

Right now my hair is all natural (no relaxers to make it straight) and if I got it straightened it would be down to my shoulders. But my hair is also extremely thick. Wearing it natural was nice for the past few months, but I have grown tired of the same style. Also it takes me forever to wash it since it is so thick and long.

I need something sassy, sexy, and very easy to wash and style. That is why I have decided to go drastic and have it chopped.

I plan to make an appointment at my local salon soon to see what their professional opinion is once they see my hair.

Just so I don't wind up looking like a Q-Tip, I think this style will look nice on me! And if I do walk out of the salon looking crazy, I can wear hats and even get my hair braided with extensions until my hair grows back out. Afterall, it is just hair. :)

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Nothing new. V-day was nice. Dh brought me a dozen roses, a huge box of chocolates (there goes my diet) and he made us dinner. We watched "40 Year Old Virgin" on On Demand and just had a quiet night at home.

I have been drowning in work for my job and I am freaking out because I am once again behind on a major monthly report because of all the other crap they are having me do. But that's ok, it will work out. It is just gonna be uber stressful for a little bit.

I've been spending lots of time on Myspace now. I even found this really cute Louis Vuitton background for my page. It is the traditional brown with gold symbols. The white with the colorful symbols looked to childish for my page. Too colorful.

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Friday, February 10, 2006


So glad it is finally Friday! Another weekend of no work scheduled. Yay me!

No idea what I'm gonna plan for the weekend yet. Maybe some shopping, I need to get my girly things done (brow wax, nails, ect).

At this moment I am on a conference call for work and there are so many people talking at once I cannot understand a word. Then someone is also talking on their cell phone during the call and they aren't putting the conference call on mute so we don't hear her. I am so frustrated. I feel like yelling into the phone "Whoever keeps chatting on their cell phone, PLEASE mute the conference call because I am sick of hearing your personal business!!"

I just might....dammit....there she goes again. *grumble*

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Embarressing Moment #1085

So I am on Myspace and there is a game where you have to comment your friends' page with a fond memory of them. Well one of my newly found schoolmates left this as his comment about his memory of me:

"Memory: Ok, I had to think of a good one! In High School, probably your 9th or 10th grade year, our class had to go watch your Speech class give a lip sync performance. You are the only one I remember seeing.. and you totally did Madonna's "Oh Father!" I'm I right??? Don't ask me where this stuff comes from!!!"

Ok, so he graduated like one or two years before I did, so as an upperclassmen he was made to watch lowerclass make fools of themselves for some weird reason. I don't remember this memory probably because it was so traumatic I blocked it out.

But I was a HUGE Madonna fan and that sounds like the sort of depressing song I would choose to sing (I was soooooooooo depressed in highschool. I was miserable).

So now that the trauma is back, I am hoping to forget this memory again. *ugh* No wonder I had a tough time finding a bf in highschool. *hides face in pillow*

I cannot believe I had to lip sync in front of older kids! What kind of sadistic teacher makes a freshman or sophmore LIP SYNC a song to older kids?

OMG. I am mortified! Thank GOD I survived high school. With embarressing moments like is a miracle I lived past 17 years old.

*Leaves blog to hope this memory goes back in the cold, dark, file cabinet of my mind where I had placed it so many years ago*

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I am going to the gym tonight...and if not tonight...definitly tomorrow. I skipped it all last week and I feel like a whale. *blub blub blub*

On other news, I am STILL reading that book I started a while ago. There has just been so much with work, training class and other things. My mom keeps asking me over and over if I have finished the book yet (i come from a family of book lovers). I feel like it is a reading assignment in school. I am half expecting her to ask me to write a book report on it.

Aaaaaaaaaaand, I need some rl friends. I love all of my cyber friends (Beatty, Stacy, others, HI!) but I need to go out and party. This drinking alone or with the hubs on the weekend is just not cutting it.

I tried to join some local online clubs but they are all dead! I have no idea where the busy ones went that I found last year.

So how the hell do I find friends in real life to hang out with? I am thinking about going out with a sign "Will You Be My Friend?" around my neck when I go grocery shopping. But then...that may attract the type of people I DO NOT want as friends.

*sigh* Someone rescue me!!!!

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Stress Level: Lower!

Well another very busy week is behind me. Things should start getting better next week and on possibly.

My stress level is decreasing to more normal levels now. I am not being startled awake by heartburn and chest pains.

Some personal things are working themselves out, while others are still out with the jury so to speak. Either way, I am okay with any outcome and will work through whatever fate throws at me.

On a lighter note, I hope to go out shopping today. And I need to get my eyebrows waxed. I need my nails done, but I plan to buy some acetone and remove the fake ones myself. I want to let my real nails breathe for a while before I get the fake ones back on again.

It is raining and dreary outside so it won't be a sunny shopping day, but at least I will be out of the house.

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