Monday, October 31, 2005

Wasted Weekend on Computer

What did I do this weekend? Worked for 5 hours on Saturday, played Pogo and Popomundo ALL weekend. Nothing much. It was a wasted weekend. I should have cleaned more around the house, I should have read my book.

Next weekend I will dedicate some time cleaning and reading. I am behind on my book so I need to play catch-up.

I am just so addicted to my RPG and my blogs. *sigh*

Now I am considering looking into buying the online version of Sims so I can interact with real people like I do with Popomundo. I used to play Sims by myself (before the online game came out) and while it is fun, it is just me and the computer. Now that I have been playing Popo, it feels nice knowing that the characters I am interacting with have warm bodies on the other end.

I will look into that after the holidays.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Pay Bills...Twice?

Dh thinks I am crazy to like games such as Sims and Popomundo . His thought is that we get enough stress in real life by going to work, keeping our social life healthy by connecting with friends, making decisions and saving money to buy a home, ect. So he can't understand why anyone would want to play a game that you do the same thing.

I could never give him an answer because I didn't know how to explain it. Now I know.

Thinking about it this morning, I determined that creating a character is a way for me to live vicariously through "her". For instance. I am happily married and living in NJ. But I wonder what it would be like to move to Los Angeles, join a band, and date as a single 21 yo girl.

How can I scratch this curiosity itch without actually doing it? The closest thing is to log onto Popomundo and delve into the world of a virtual Los Angeles with my virtual job (as a CEO making $2400 a week...ok so it is not THAT close to reality), and playing concerts in Canada, England, Australia, ect.

I can finally be 21 years old again, vibrant, and beautiful. I can be independent with my own apartment, I can do things that I have been unable to do up until now.

Does that mean that I hate my real life? Absolutely not! After playing the game for hours at a time, I rub my tired eyes and look around at my REAL home, my REAL husband, and I pet and play with my REAL dog. It makes me want to cuddle with my husband even more than before. I love feeling his warm breath on my lips, his rock hard arms around my waist, and I love being able to laugh and talk to him face to face.

I LOVE my real life. I LOVE my virtual life. I get to lead two seperate lives without risk. My real life husband knows about my virtual life. I was open and honest with him that my virtual character must get a virutal boyfriend in order for her mood to stay healthy (that is honestly how the game is designed). He was uncomfortable at first, as was I. But I realize Hollywood stars do that all the time. The difference is that they actually KISS and make-out with their fake lovers.

I promised him that if interacting with my virtual boyfriend starts getting uncomfortable, then I will stop. We don't have chat-room sex. We don't have "cyber sex". We just select from a drop down menu of items such as "Kiss so and so passionately", "Tickle so and so", "Cuddle with so and so".

It is very impersonal but is necessary for the game.

As with all my past obsessions (Neopets, Sims, Toontown, ect) this one will one day be on my tried-that-got-burned-out-list. But my REAL life with my REAL husband and REAL pets, and REAL house will never get boring to me.


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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bright Day For DH!

Dh's interview went well! He won't know for a week if he got the job. It is an awesome job! But as he was driving back home from the interview, his cell phone rang. One of his boss's boss personally called him and asked him to stay with the company he is currently with. Dh has been very open and honest to his bosses about searching for a new job simply because he is missing too much work due to the weather. He needs a job that is not so dependant on the weather conditions.

His bosses are so impressed with him and the work he has done these 3 months, that he offered to pay dh more money per hour and is promising him 40-50 hours a week of work no matter what. He can assign him to several different projects, some of which are NOT weather dependant.

Also, he told dh that he has a VERY bright future with the company and that if dh stays with them, he personally promises that the company will take care of him.

After that phone call, he got another call from ANOTHER boss's boss and he too said the exact same thing as the first one!

By the time he got home he had a possible choice to make.

Job #1: If he gets a job offer from that utility company that he interviewed for, he would get a company truck, company cell phone, company laptop. He would set his own hours and work as many or as little as he wants. He would get paid $3 more an hour than he is currently making to start off, but after 2 months he has the possibility to get a $2 raise!

Job #2: His CURRENT job is offering him a raise of a couple dollars. He is promising him 40-50 hours. They are so impressed with his work that his future looking bright obviously means he has the possibility of becoming a foreman one day if he continues to work well and that can get him $20-25 PER HOUR in the future.

So as you can see, he has quite a decision IF that first job offers him a position.

After thinking about it all day and night we both agree that it would be better for him to stick with the company he is currently with.

The first job sounds like heaven but who knows. They may send him out to high-crime areas to work, his bosses may be assholes, and he may really hate that job. It is a huge risk to leave something he knows for something he doesn't know.

I will update the blog later with what winds up happening.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Career Blues

Dh didn't get that job. It boggles our mind how he was turned down for this job. He is totally and completely qualified. I wonder if it came down to personality. He said the bank employees are all bubbly and happy-go-lucky types and he is more the laid-back and quiet type. His personality sometimes comes across as harsh and angry even when he isn't.

On paper he seemed perfect for the job, but I guess the interviewer didn't take too well to his non-bubbly personality.

His ego is now flattened. The minute he got off the phone with that bank he was angry, upset, and his feelings seemed hurt. He just wanted to vent and let some steam out. I on the other hand wanted ACTION. I told him to pick up the phone and call the temp agencies that he called a few months ago. I told him to go online to (where we found the bank job) and look for other jobs. I told him to drive to some temp agencies that are not familiar with him so that he can fill out the applications, do the tests, and do the interviews.

His work was cancelled for today so he has all day to get this stuff done. After a few minutes of prodding, he started calling temp agencies and he logged onto

I reminded him about the job he sent in an app for to become a utility person. He remembered the open-house interview is today! He found the email and we got the directions to the interview from Yahoo Maps. The open-house is on until 2pm. He got dressed and left the house with directions in hand, at 11:30am.

His ego is so bruised right now that the whole time he was getting dressed he talked about how he doesn't think he will even get this job and that he doesn't even know if anyone will hire him now. I kept telling him to get in a better mood and calm down before he went to his interview because people can pick up on negative vibes.

I am a strong believer in getting up when you get knocked down. Don't get up later, get up NOW. Someone says no, then walk away and knock on another door. Don't mill around and pout.

I really hope he gets this job. In the meantime I am looking online for other job opportunities for him.

On other news: MCI's technician came by and it took him 5 minutes to fix the damned phone line. At least it is working now.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

MCI Still Sucks

I finished reading that last book, now I am onto a new one. You can see what it is by clicking the "Book I Am Reading" link on the upper right corner of this page.

My MCI nightmare has not gone away. Now they are saying my phone issue is not a software problem so they are sending a technician out on Wednesday morning to look into our inside wiring.

I swear MCI is the most unorganized phone company I have ever seen. I have spoken to 3 supervisors and no one has any answers for me.

I won't let this thing give me an ulcer. At some point, hopefully this Wednesday, the problem will be fixed and I won't have to worry about it.

Nothing more is going on right now. Glad the hurricane Wilma didn't do as much damage as was anticipated but I hear millions are without power right now. I hope everyone affected by the hurricane gets on their feet soon.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

I Crave

I always crave what I don't have. Right now I am watching "Charade" a Audrey Hepburn movie, and there was a scene where she was offered sandwiches. She had to choose from chicken or liverwurst. She chose chicken, and now I am craving a liverwurst sandwich.

Damned movie.

Of course, there is no liverwurst to be found in my home. And I was thisclose to buying some last shopping trip we took.

Now I have to talk my tastebuds into craving what I do have. I am making some Chinese BBQ chicken for dinner. Now I just have to get my tastebuds to forget liverwurst and crave some chicken.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Pop What?

Popomundo is the latest craze that I have found online. It is just like Sims but it is free. If you want to be a VIP it is only $9 for three months.

You select from different locations all over the world, LA, NY, Buenos Aires, London, Sweden, ect. Then from there you select whether you want a female or male character and then you choose from a list of pre-made characters with different ages, backgrounds, ect.

You take your character and you find them a regular job while you work on your music career. You can be a solo act or you can join/create a band. You "write" songs, practice, book shows, ect all while making a living.

The object of the game is to become as famous as you can.

I am newly addicted.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Lazy Day

Feeling lazy today. I have a 3.5 hour lunch break from work then after lunch I only have one hour left of work. Not bad for a Friday!

I am almost done reading "Beyond the Shroud". It is really good! I haven't been able to put that book down. I read it during commercial breaks when I am sitting in front of the tv, and I even read it while working between questions being asked in chat yesterday.

I am drinking a nice hot cup of English Breakfast Tea which is perfect for the dreary, cold and rainy day outside.

Yesterday I was able to get some much needed vacuuming in. I have a vacuum with a Hepa filter and I defintly feel the air is cleaner after I use it. With all the pets we have, this is a vital thing for us.

This is making me want to go out and buy an air purifier even more because I am sure the air in our old house could use it.

Well, I gotta go wake dh from his nap. He has to get ready for his interview. Wish him luck!

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Powerball Lottery

For those who are feverishly buying tickets for the lottery, I would like you to swallow this. 1/3 of past lottery winners are now bankrupt, according to CNN American Morning.

Read this article with some stories of past lottery winners and their rags to riches to rags stories.

Then after you read the article and if you win the lottery, you can send your "thank you for saving me" money order (I don't accept checks) to me. *wink*

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

From Hard Hats To Ties

Dh got has an interview on Friday with a call center for a huge bank. He will be starting off making $1-2 more an hour than he is making now. He is also going to apply for the team lead position they are hiring for so he can make even more money.

The downsides to this new job opportunity is that the commute is 45 min both ways and possibly longer depending on traffice. The other downside is that he has to dress up (long sleeve shirt, tie, nice pants, dress shoes). He has shoes, but now we have to go out and buy him some pants, shirts and ties. This is the dressiest call center he has ever worked in.

The reason they have to dress up is because they have tours ALL the time supposedly.

The upside to this job compared to his current one is that it will be a steady income. No more missing work without pay just because it is raining. Also, it seems room for growth seems to be better and more attainable, especially since he has years of call center experience behind him already.

Best of all, he won't be working on dangerous machinary outside in the elements.

He still wants to work from home, so he still plans to work on being able to do what I do from home in the future.

In the meantime I really hope he gets this job at that call center! It would be even better if he could get that team lead position. But anything would be better than where he is now.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sunday, October 9th: It was storming and my phone went out. I got my cell phone and called MCI. I am a new customer and just signed up for their line support program so that I don't have to pay if any of my inside or outside lines need fixing. I do pay, but it is only $7 a month.

The tech asks if I tried unplugging my phone from the line for a few min. I said I tried that. She then did a diagonstic test with me on the phone with her and the result after 5 min was that our outside line needs repairing.

That makes sense because it's been raining with high winds for a few days now.

Then I get a shocker! She tells me a technician will be out to fix our line anytime from that day (Oct 9th) to Tuesday Oct 18th. WTF? You read right. The technician has a 10 day window in which to come out and fix our line.

I have little to no choice in this matter so I say "okay".

I then talk to my mom via my cell phone and she suggested I call MCI back to confirm it will really take that long. Especially since part of my job requires me to use my LAN line.

Same day: I call back and confirmed that in fact the first rep was correct. The window is from Oct 9-Oct 18th.

Oct 12th: Calling to check on status of ticket. Still has not been assigned to any particular technician.

Oct 14th: Calling to check on status of ticket. STILL has not been assigned.

Oct 17th: Calling to check on status of ticket and ask WHY the 10 day window in the first place? Told ticket not assigned but they have until 6:15pm the next day in order to send tech out. I got stern and told her that a tech BETTER be here by the deadline or I will call back and speak to a supervisor. She assured me a tech will be out here by the deadline. To answer my second question she informed me that due to the bad weather in my area recently, the technicians are stretched thin with tickets and they are trying their best to get to everyone. That is why there was a 10-day window.

Oct 18th: Deadline fastly approaching. Tech has until 6:15pm. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

At around 11am tech arrives and fiddles around out there for about 15 minutes. Then he leaves.

I check the phone line several times after he left. Around 1pm I call MCI to ask what the tech found out because my phone is STILL not working. Rep looks up technician's notes and tells me that tech checked my outside line and there is NOTHING wrong with it.

I explain that the diagnostic test came back positive for my outside line being down. She told me she can send a tech out to check my INSIDE line.

HELL NO I am not waiting another 10 days!! So I ask, "why can't YOU do a diagnostic test to make sure it is my INSIDE line before you send another tech." DUH!

She does the test and 10 minutes later comes back on the phone: It appears my physical lines are all working fine. It is the program. Another words, it is VIRTUAL and not PHYSICAL. They have to reset my line and fix the program and it will work. Everything is done from their offices since it is VIRTUAL and not PHYSICAL.

I ask the million dollar question: "And how long will this take?"

Her reply: "Anytime from today to this Saturday, Oct. 22nd"

Me: Ok I REALLY need my phone to work sooner than later

Her: The worst case scenario is that it will take them until Saturday. More than likely it will be done sooner.

Me: Ok because I have been without a phone for 10 days now and I CANNOT afford to not have a phone until Saturday! I MUST have my phone working BEFORE then.

Her: I will put a rush on your ticket but that is just a suggestion to the tech dept. So I cannot promise you it will be done before Saturday.

Me: Ok. Thank you.

End call

This is totally ridiculous. I am a BRAND new customer with MCI and I am already having issues. This is not a good sign.

I am on hold for a supervisor to vent to as I type this.


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Monday, October 17, 2005

Miss Gymnast No More

Got drunk on Saturday night with dh at home. We watched some stand-up comedies on On Demand. The funniest one was a duo from New Zealand called The Flight Of The Conchords.

They use music for their jokes and it was HILARIOUS!

After we got finished watching, I was pretty lit by that point. I decided that I really wanted to do a handstand like I used to do in gymnastics when I was younger.

I knew since it had been YEARS since I have done one, I should start off by doing the beginners handstand. That entails leaning my feet against a wall for support when I do one.

I have NO upperbody strength to speak of anymore. I chickened out when I realized there would be no way for me to support myself with my wrists alone.

So then I decided to do a back bend instead! And again, I would need to do the beginners back bend since I haven't done one in years.

I laid on my back and tried lifting myself up with my strength...did not work. My head felt a ton! I could not lift my damned head! My wrists were killing me after attempting this a few times. And I was dizzy.

I just thank God that only my dh witnessed this terrible scene and I am equally glad that I did not hurt myself.

People: There is no way to do the things we did all the time as a child. Don't attempt it sober or drunk because it will only make you look a fool and could possibly send you to the ER. *snicker*

Oh and I have yet another blog that I took over from another person. It is called The Odd News Bulletin and it will be weird news of the world with pics included!

Look for it in the list of blogs I have on the right side of this page.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Envelope Me In Love

I finished the big book!! Now I am on to a novel...a scary novel just in time for Halloween. Click on the link entitled: "Book I Am Reading" on the upper right hand corner of this page.

I need new envelopes. I asked dh to buy me some when he was out running errands yesterday but his reply was:

"Envelopes? There are some in that drawer from the last owners of our house! Use those!"

Ok people....the former owners of this home left a bunch of junk. Some of that junk were things in the kitchen drawers. One drawer is filled with unused but dusty envelopes all strewn around. I have not touched those things since we moved in a few months ago.

Now dh wants me to use those nasty things?

Well out of desperation this morning, I opened the "envelope" drawer and took a few out. They are ALL sealed shut due to moisture. They are useless.

So here I am, needing a freakin' envelope and there is not one useable envelope in the drawer. Dh is out running errands but he has the dog with him so he won't be able to go into a store and shop right now. When he gets back he will be making plans to go buy some envelopes soon.

I mean, a box of cheapo envelopes are $1 at the dollar store!! They are not a rare and expensive commodity. Maybe from the planet dh is from they are more rare than diamonds...

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rain, Rain Go Away...Oh And Get Dh A New Job While You're At It!

So my dh is tired of not making much money so he is actively searching for other jobs. Though one of his foremen did tell him that he is such a good employee, if he sticks with this job he can go far. Hubby is just too impatient though. He wants more money NOW and not later so he is looking around for a better job.

Eventually he wants to work from home like me but it takes investment and since we are just now getting out from under the debt we racked up the last few months, we probably won't have the money for a few months.

Since it is raining again today, hubby is off work (with no pay) so he is out running errands. Thank God I am working because there is no way we could live off his check with all of these none-paid days off his company is forcing them to take due to the weather.

On other news: I am thisclose to finishing the book that has been in my "Book I am Currently Reading" link up above. It's taken me months to get through that book! It is huge!! But I have enjoyed it immensely. I just can't wait to be able to read a real novel for a change. The book I am reading now is a collection of short stories from all the greats.

On still other news:

You Should Get a PhD in Liberal Arts (like political science, literature, or philosophy)

You're a great thinker and a true philosopher.
You'd make a talented professor or writer.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Don't Feel Like Working Today....Yes I Do!

Dh is home from work today because of the rain. He works outside and they can't work when it rains all day.

I woke up this morning wanting to "call in" to work but being the responsible at-home worker that I am, I logged into work.

I actually woke up 30 min before my shift started. I usually like to be up and online an hour before my shift so that I can wake up and check my personal emails and the like. But I was exhausted today for some reason, so I slept until 9am.

When I entered my office and loaded my computer while drinking cold orange juice and wearing sweat pants and a tee, I realized how much I really love working from home.

Now I am on my lunch break and don't mind working today. I have a feeling I won't ever be able to take a day off because as long as I have an office in my home, I will feel guilty not working unless I took some time off by being AWAY from the house.

The weather is nippy and dreary but it feels nice. It is 68 degrees right now and it has finally stopped raining.

My outside phone line went out in all of this storming recently and I called on Sunday to have a technician come out and fix it. They said a tech will be here anytime between Sunday Oct 9th to Tuesday Oct 18th!!! That is a huge window there.

Luckily, no one has to be home when tech arrives. Also, luckily I am a supervisor so I don't have to have a phone to do my job. I can use my cell phone for our conference calls this week. So I won't be missing much money over this.

Ack! I just spent the whole time yapping about my job. Oh well.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

In The Mood To Spend Money

This morning we woke up and dh suggested we do something. Since we've been doing nothing but working and hanging out with his family since we moved here, we thought we needed a well deserved break from it all. I just got my first FULL pay check on Friday (boy that check was juicy! I love making money!!) and after setting aside enough for bills, we decided to have some fun!

It has been raining hard for two days so walking around Philadelphia sight-seeing was not a good option. We were going to go to the Mutter museum or to the Body Worlds exhibit to satisfy my morbid curiosity. But the rain and the prices of admission to the Body Worlds exhibit scared us off for now.

So we agreed on Atlantic City!! We went to the Borgata Hotel and Casino for a fun-filled day of gambling and dining.

After eating at a buffet that costed us $35.90, we left the day $80 down. But that is pretty good considering how much we gambled and won back!

When we got back to town, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a wedding gift for a couple we know that eloped. It is tough shopping for a couple, especially when they are both so different from each other! I settled on a cute picture frame that I would love to have in my own home.

It is still raining and probably will be all weekend but that is okay. Tomorrow I plan to relax, try to stay away from the computer (yeah right) and catch up on some reading. I also need to watch the episodes of Sex and the City on On Demand. I never watched that show when it was on but I seemed to have gotten hooked watching it using On Demand. I love digital cable!!

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What Ever Happened To...?

In our first apartment we lived next to a girl who looked just like Gwyneth Paltrow. She so resembled that movie star that I could never remember her real name.

I remember she had a cat named Oscar that got hit by a car on the main road across from our building. Her parents got her a kitten a few weeks later to help her heal from the loss.

"Gwyneth" also rigged our cable so that we had free cable for a couple of years. The cable company would come out and un-rig it, but she always rigged it back up a few hours later.

When she moved out our era of free cable was over. I mourned over having to go legal and pay for over-priced cable. This was pre-digital cable so you can imagine.

I bumped into her one time years later but she didn't see me. She was with her parents I think, and I was with my husband. I can't recall where we were but it was a crowded area.

I have always wondered what ever became of her. Did she marry a Chris Martin look-a-like? Now that I have moved across the country, I will probably never know.

She is now on my list of people who I will always wonder what happened to but likely will never know.

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Comments and My Dying Of The Common Cold

Comments are working I think!! I had to dump my guestmap though. *boo hoo* That is ok, I haven't recieved any new entries recently anyways.

My cold is killing me. My sniffles are near done, my sore throat is gone, but now I am left with a significant decrease in appetitite. That is good for my waist-line but terrible for my overall health. I've been eating like crap this last week. Skipping meals, eating a teeny bit of food for meals, ect.

I feel like shit. Can someone send me some healthy vibes? I need to heal soon. Good thing I work from home because even though I am sick, I can still work. If I had to get dressed and drive to work, I would probably call in sick.

Off topic: I am half-way watching a Rock Hudson movie. Damn he is fine! All the fine men are either dead, married, or gay. Luckily I snagged the last heterosexual, alive, single one ten years ago. *whew*

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