Thursday, September 29, 2005

No More Grand

My last grandparent died the other day. He died of brain tumors. I didn't know him very well but I am still bummed. What makes me even more depressed is knowing that it starts with the grandparents then it goes to the parents. I know that is another 20 or 30 years or more from now, but still. I can't help but to think when I get my parents' age I will be facing their mortality.

Granted any of us can die at any momement (car accident, disease, heart attack, ect) but if things go the way they are SUPPOSED to, old age will take us and my parents will be next. :(

I am so morbid. I am so sad.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Comments on Blog and Comments on the Common Cold

I know the comments are still not working very well. I have submitted a question to Haloscan (comments provider) about this and I hope they can help me soon.

In other news...there is none. Though, I am coming down with a bad cold. My throat has been sore all day. I HATE getting colds. I just don't know how they can't find a cure for this pesky virus. Seems kinda crazy that we can put a man on the moon but we can't seem to find a cure for the common cold. Damn scientists.

Because of my cold and the fact that I am menstrating (yes, men...I said it)I am exhausted. I just want a hot meal, some hot tea and a nice warm bed.

I have a feeling winter is gonna be a looooong season for me if I am already getting sick in the fall.

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Friday, September 23, 2005


Long week of work. Nothing new other than that. This weekend we plan to hang out with family (I still haven't made any friends in my new town). Sunday my SIL is having a big BBQ to celebrate two of her daughter's birthdays. That means I gotta go and buy some gifts for the girls.

Now that I am working we are doing better financially, but we still aren't at the level of burning money so we need to watch our spending this weekend.

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Monday, September 19, 2005


Weekend was nice. Just lazed around, went shopping, and did some unpaid work to prepare myself for my new supervisor position at work. (See Office Politics for more info).

Still haven't found a new comments provider, sorry folks.

Still reading the book found in "Book I Am Currently Reading" link.

How was your weekend?

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Freak Out

It might have been the stress over the last few days. Stressing over my new job. I like it but it is so fast paced and so much learning that I am tired beyond belief.

I am blaming stress but let me tell you what happened.

Dh works at a contruction site. He drives a dump truck which sounds fun but can be dangerous and deadly if it should ever tip (some of his co-workers have tipped them before).

Well today I was in my office (not logged into phones thank God) and all of a sudden I hear my dog barking like crazy in the living room. After about 40 seconds of barking I finally went out to see what was going on. Looking out the window I see a Sheriff's car sitting in my driveway! I look at it for a few seconds and notice the officer is not coming out of the car. I can't see in because his windows are tinted. Then all of a sudden I get this fear that maybe he/she is here to tell me something happened to my dh. I swear I was thisclose to fainting. I walked back into my office and my legs almost collapsed under me. Then I told myself to calm down and stop thinking bad things.

So I go back to the living room and watch wondering why the officer still hasn't come out of the car. After a couple of LONG minutes he/she backs out of my driveway and goes down my street. Then feeling better I go back to my office. Then a few min later I see the officer going back past my house and he stops in front of a house a couple down from me. Sits there then leaves. Looks like he was just trying to find an address that he never did find.

But OH MY GOD I was so scared for those few seconds. I have never been so scared in my life. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to hug my dh since he got home from work because I am still working until 8:30ish.

I really need a Valium...anyone wanna send me one? *hee hee*

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I changed the blog's comment code to another provider since the other provider is going out of business. In doing so, I noticed this "new" provider isn't very stable. I am not able to get into comments most of the time. As soon as I have some time I will either try to find another comments provider or will email tech support for the current one.

Been really busy with my new job so I haven't had much time to do anything else which is why I haven't been updating daily.

Keep checking back and don't think I've abandoned you if I don't post for a few days at a time. I will try posting as often as I can.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Epilady. Remember those? They look like electric razors but they actually pull the hairs out by the root? Well my mom bought me another brand but the same thing.

I tried it sober and it hurt so bad I stopped after only going over a small patch on my leg once.

I tried it after drinking 3 beers and one vodka shot and the pain was no less.

Now I am afraid that torture device might stay in my bathroom closet forever. I will be the first to admit that I am wimpy, fragile, and a wuss. Just don't get that thing any where near me.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Not Wanting To Be On Judge Judy Or The People's Court

REALLY good news in Office Politics

Also, we are adding a line to our cell phone plan for one of our nieces for her birthday (a gift from her parents to her). Her parents are going to buy her the phone and agreed to pay for her portion of the cell phone bill. Now I have watched judge shows (Judge Judy, People's Court, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Mathis, Texas Justice, ect) for YEARS and the past two months that is ALL I watch during the day. I KNOW that a lot of their cases are people letting friends, relatives, significant others use a cell phone in THEIR name. I also know that people tend to forget who agreed to what years down the line.

So...being the mean, cruel, and selfish In-law that I am...I have created a contract of sorts for all of us to sign. I cannot enter into a legal contract with a minor, and well, since her parents are the ones paying the bill, I had to put their names in the contract. I diguised the contract by calling it "Rules For [Niece's Name Here]'s Cell Phone". The last bullet point I made it clear that her parents (I used their names) will be responsible for paying her part of the cell phone bill. Luckily Cingular itemizes their bills to show which phone cost what that month.

I offered to give them copies of all Cingular bills if they need them.

I put all of our names on the bottom where we need to sign and date underneath.

I haven't presented this to anyone but my dh. He isn't comfortable with this at all. He doesn't want to create "waves". But people, I don't want her parents honestly forgetting our deal and two, three, years from now telling us that they thought it was our gift for her birthday and that they didn't realize they were supposed to pay. I don't know. I just feel better if everyone read and signed it to protect EVERYONE not just me. What do you all think?

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


My friend got back from our class reunion. Sounds like my classmates want to get together again soon! So maybe next year or even this coming up summer. Yay!

I try not to talk shop in this blog, that is why I have my "Office Politics" blog but since it is all consuming for me this week I will say something about it.

I was supposed to start taking calls for my client today but due to some technical glitches I won't be able to take my first calls until tomorrow. I am a little bummed because I was so prepped and ready and just wanted to get it over with. The first day of calls is always the hardest. Oh well. Nothing I can do.

In the meantime, I am trying to figure out what to do with my dog while I take calls. Customers CANNOT hear him in the background or else I can lose my contract. My pup is pretty quiet but if he sees someone walking outside or sees a car pull up he goes crazy and barks REALLY loudly the WHOLE time they are there.

If I lock him in the office with me and someone knocks on the door, his barking will be right in my ear and therefore the customer will hear him louder. But if I leave him in the living room, he has access to the windows so he can see more and bark more often out there even though I can close the office door to muffle the noise.

So you see my dilema. My husband recommended closing him in our back bedroom where he has no access to a window that faces the front yard but for the last couple of months since we moved in, he has NEVER been shut away like that and I am worried he will destroy our bedroom and bark the whole time for the first few weeks.

I just don't know what to do. This is not something I can "experiment" with because it will only take ONE time to make me lose my contract.

EDITED TO SAY: Was able to take calls today. Took two calls. Both very difficult. The first because my computer locked up and I lost the order. The other because I wasn't able to find product for customer and she was disappointed.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day 1

Labor Day Weekend

Nice long weekend with dh and his family.

Friday night one of my nieces stayed the night. She was online the whole time so I got to spend some quality time with dh watching shows and movies. Saturday we went to my MIL's friend's BBQ. We didn't know ANYONE there so we pretty much all kept to ourselves and followed each other around.

Later on that day we decided to have a slumber party at MIL's place. Me, dh, the three nieces, two of the nieces friends, my BIL and SIL all stayed with my MIL. Lots of drinking and talking. I made some very strong vodka jello shots and had four or five vodka and diet coke drinks. Yummm. Surprisingly, the next morning I didn't even have a hang over! I love vodka!!

Sunday dh came home and just chilled all day. Today (Labor Day) dh and I slept in then went to the movies. We saw Four Brothers . It was a pretty good movie. Definitly entertaining.

We were supposed to go to my MIL's place again tonight for a cookout. My FIL and my BIL went on a two day tuna fishing trip this weekend and just got back yesterday afternoon with some tuna. But we are all family-out for now so we decided to not go. Hopefully there will be some leftovers. I have never had fresh tuna fish. Dh tells me fresh tuna tastes NOTHING like the canned stuff. So I can't wait to try some one day.

My 10th yr reunion was going on this weekend (I am missing it) and I have only thought about it a couple times. I feel bad not being able to go but it is for the best. Hopefully my classmates will be up for another one in two years.

I start my new job tomorrow. More info in my Office Politics blog. You can find the link under "Blogs I Read..." on the side.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Damn Computer Monitors!

Computer Smash

My computer monitor was acting odd the last week or so. Every now and then it would blink once and at the same time make a click noise. Then slowly it started getting more frequent until late this afternoon when it out of the blue start blinking uncontrollably and making loud popping sounds like fireworks. So with the little bit of extra cash we had (it really wasn't extra money but we had to use it) we went out and bought the cheapest computer monitor we could find.

Staples had a sale on the 17' Envision flat screen for $95 included taxes. That was literally the CHEAPEST one they had. Kmart had NO computer items, and our local Radio Shack didn't have any computer monitors at all. So Staples in the same strip mall was our last chance.

It is a nice monitor but it has the tell-tale signs of a cheap flatscreen, the picture while sharper than my old monitor, has an annoying problem. You can see the little dots that make up the picture (pixels I think) and that causes eye strain and headaches. I just posted to a message board asking how I can adjust it to make the pixels smoother at least.

On another note: Dh worked mandatory 2 hours of OT all week and the boss just issued a 40 hours per week ONLY rule to last a couple of weeks so because of that, dh can't go into work tomorrow since he has his 40 hours already in for this week. YAY!!! He is happy. He can sleep in (he usually has to wake up at 5:30 am) and I have some company other than my dog during the day! YAY!!!!

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