Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rollercoaster Will Be Coming To A Complete Stop On Friday

I had a few minutes to add another entry before we fly to NJ for closing tomorrow.

Packing is pretty much almost done. We have a few more hours worth of packing boxes then comes the loooong and frustrating cleaning. Walls, floors, cabinets, head is aching just thinking about it.

Today started on a roller coaster like no other. The past few days we have been trying to figure out if we have enough money in savings to cover our portion of the closing costs. Figures were bantered around the last couple of weeks that would have made us just barely making all of our moving expenses and closing costs. Then yesterday another expense that we didn't know about was given to us. We started to freak out because now it was looking like we might have to either ask parents for money to help out, or we would have to pass on the house and move in with my in-laws for a while until we could try to save more money and buy another house. (The housing market is DRIED up where we are moving so that option made me sick to my stomach)

So we went to bed worrying about the cost of this whole move and thinking of ways we could cut more costs to save money.

This morning we wake up still thinking we are going to be VERY tight with moving. Then we get even worse news...the seller still hadn't done things that were supposed to be done before closing and before FHA would extend the loan to us. We get on the phone can call our loan officer, more bad news...the bank statements I sent her were all good except for mine. My bank statements was missing my name. My dh's statements were ok. I had printed the statements from the net and my bank only has my acct # on my online account.

Soooo we had to run around and get bank statements from my bank with my name on them and then we had to fax them off from Kinkos or somewhere. After getting the statements, Kinko's fax machine decided to blink out right when we get there. So we drive across town to Copy Co and get it done there.

Drive back home still worried about the cost of the move and now the fact that it is two days from closing and the seller STILL hasn't gotten everything done on their end. ACK!

We get home and call our loan officer again to find out any updates. Here comes good news finally! The main thing the seller was to have done before closing has been done, and the other things they are to do are being done now and will be done before close. YAY! Oh and there is more good news..our portion of the closing costs is now only half of what we thought it was going to be and it might even be less than that!! So now we have MORE than enough money to move with and get my work from home business up and running. Let's hope it all stays good news and that we get the keys to our new home on Friday.

Tomorrow we fly to NJ. Friday morning we have our final walk-through and then do the actual closing. Whether we get the house or not, I will be DRINKING myself silly on Friday night. If we get the keys to the house that morning, I will be drinking in celebration. If something falls through and we don't get the house, I will be drinking my pain away. Either way, pass that beer this way on Friday night.

*Gulp gulp gulp*

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Now On To Packing!

Well my last day of work has come and gone. The last day was very emotional, sad, and oddly enough productive! Usually when someone is "celebrating" their last day, they do very little work which is expected of our bosses really. But I didn't want to get others in trouble for chatting it up so I logged onto the phones and did lots of data entry.

But the day was broken up with a meeting with my direct supervisor, my exit interview with my manager, a good-bye party from my team, and a couple of hours worth of packing up my desk.

There were a ton of goodbye emails volleyed back and forth from me to various co-workers, and lots of hugs and tears with other co-workers that stopped by my cube to say bye.

Now the hard part begins for us. Starting tomorrow or Monday we will begin the official packing. I ordered my boxes from and they got here last week. I am DREADING the packing and cleaning portion of this move. My most favorite times of moving are the unpacking and setting things up. Fresh starts always put me in a good mood.

Money is soooo tight right now though. We have just enough for our share of the closing costs and just enough for the move itself. Now we are hoping that we have extra money left from closing (the costs are all estimates so we have more than what was estimated, but we are praying that the actual closting costs are way lower). And we are crossing our fingers that we get most of our rental deposit back after we move as well.

Lots goin' on. So if you don't hear from me for a few weeks, don't fret. I will be back with hopefully good news about the closing going smoothly and the packing being done faster than I hoped.

Sidenote: Also, I am going to try to change the name of this blog to something more generic. I am getting tired of seeing my name in the title, dahling. The URL will stay the same, but the title will change if I can figure out how to do it.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Help Me!

I've been overwhelmed with stress the last few days so I haven't written an entry. Last day of work will still be Friday and nothing has changed with the move.

We had a scare yesterday with the mortgage. An employment letter that we got for my dh wasn't good enough because it stated he had to get through the hiring process first. So we were able to get another company to send us an actual letter of employment at the last minute. *whew*

It is getting to the really stressful part of our move so I've been dreaming about it the last couple of nights. Last night I dreamed that it was my last day at work and I was presented with a few cards and a gift certificate for $700 to a fancy restaurant. Not only is $700 a little much for a gift certificate to a restaurant, but the fancy restaurant was only local and we are moving out of state. *lol* Weird dream for sure!

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Moving Day Coming Very Soon!

My last day of work is the 24th of this month. Then we spend the following week sorting, packing and cleaning.

That last week we also head out to NJ to close on the house. If everything goes smoothly, we will come back before July 4th and continue packing and cleaning if there is anything left to do. July 6th the moving truck gets dropped off. July 7th we pack the truck and call them to come pick it up. July 8th we do any last minute cleaning and hopefully the walk-through with our property manager. July 9th we pack the car and head off to another life in another state.

Once we get there I need to register as a corporation (LLC) in the state of New Jersey, get my FEIN from the IRS, supply my newly formed corporation info to Willow, then pay to take my first training class. Once I pass the training class I can select a client to train with out of the list of clients that are currently hiring. I pay for that class, take it, pass and become an official Cyber Agent!!! Then I can start working ASAP.

Lots of changes and lots of stress all packed into one summer. I am up for the challenge.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bits and Pieces

For anyone who watches HGTV's House Hunters, I am sure you have noticed some things about the show didn't seem right. For instance, people being able to get the very house they want, all the time, every time. Also, the "phone call" that happens towards the end where the realtor calls the buyer to let them know they got the house. The acting is so bad that you KNOW that part is staged.

But what if I told you that most everything about that show is staged? I mean, the buyers have been in their new home for weeks, sometimes months before the show is taped! Most times the realtor on the show is not even the buyers' real realtor!!

Go to this link House Hunter Article

On to another topic:

Are you Team Aniston or Team Jolie in the battle between actresses Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie? I personally like both actresses equally well so I am not part of either team. But if you have a preference, I implore you to check this online shop out:


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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Not Guilty My Ass!

Michael Jackson got Not Guilty. I am going through the motions of anger, frustration, sadness and now more frustration. It didn't help to hear Juror #1 this morning say that he and others think that MJ has molested boys in the past. They had to find him Not Guilty because of too much resonable doubt. It was on the part of that witch, the accusor's mother.

If not for her lies, past cons, and rudeness on the stand, maybe her son would have had a chance for justice. But since the jury couldn't trust her as a credible witness and since some of them suspected that she coached the accusor, then they couldn't trust his testimony either.

As one commentator said yesterday, "Right charges, wrong family".

Molestors never stop. It is like being an alcoholic. So MJ will have other victims I am sure. The thing is that he will be MUCH more careful. Probably to the point of never getting caught again. That makes me sick.

Whether you like his music or not, I will NEVER give MJ another penny of my money. I refuse to even listen to his old stuff right now. I literally get ill hearing his voice or seeing his videos. Just thinking of all the little victims of the past and the future is enough to make me wish MJ would just move to another country and become a recluse. If I had enough money to buy MJ his own island I would. Of course kids would be BANNED from going there, but at least we wouldn't have to see or hear from this sicko again.

I can deal with the weirdness more than I can the sickness. I would prefer Elphant Man bones over a child victim. And this not guilty verdict just pains me.

To all the MJ fans who still believe he is innocent: Would you let YOUR little boy(s) sleep overnight with Michael with you not there? If the answer is no, then maybe you need to reconsider your opinion about him being innocent. If the answer is Yes, then you need to get your head checked and your kids taken away.

That might be a harsh opinion, but any parent who would let a 45 year old man sleep in bed with a child is sick. Whether that man is a superstar or your neighbor doesn't matter to me. It's disgusting and children shouldn't be in households where a parent thinks it ok to put their kids in harms way.

*Stepping off my soap box for now*

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Painful, Work, Weekend, Fun

This weekend was fun, work, and painful. Lemme explain:

Friday night dh and I stayed home and BBQ'd for dinner and drank. Dh had beer and I had wine spritzers (receipe at the end of entry).

Saturday we woke up and went into work for overtime (the first of our two last weekends of ot before we quit our jobs).

Saturday during the afternoon dh helped a friend move into his new apartment then we all went out for dinner together.

Saturday night dh and I stayed home and I had more wine spritzers and dh had a few beers and we watched tv.

Sunday I woke up with the worst pain in my foot. It feels like a muscle is cramped. I can barely walk on it. The muscle that hurts is on the left side of my left foot more towards the heel. I am in pain now and I am sitting! The pains worsens when I stand and walk.

Dh and I have no idea how I injured my foot. But he has been so helpful.

We spent all day Sunday cleaning and packing. I tackled the bedroom closet and dh tackled the cleaning of the downstairs (kitchen, living room, ect). He also did a TON of laundry because while I was packing our clothes I had him wash the ones that have been hanging up for ages and looked dusty and dank. We kept out most of our summer clothes and anything we will want to wear between now and moving day (July 9th).

We spent the evening/night folding clothes and putting them away while watching tv. Dh kept having to run up and down the stairs as he hung up clothes for me while I put them on hangars. Bless his heart.

This next weekend coming up we plan to do more cleaning and packing. We need to buy boxes and tackle the books this time. Clothes are done now for books.

Receipe for wine spritzers:

Summer Wine Spritzer

1 bottle of wine (I prefer "cheap" wines like Turning Leaf or those boxed wines)
1 bottle of 7-Up (or Sprite or any other clear soda)
2 lemons
2 limes
Fresh cherries
BIIIIG insulated cup

I don't use measurements in this receipe because it all depends on how much alcohol you like or don't like to taste.

Take the wine and pour as much of it as you want in the big mug. Then add as much of the soda as you want. (I suggest you taste it as you pour so that you make the mixture just right for you) Next cut and squeeze one or two wedges of both lemons and limes. You can even cut up some fresh cheeries and put those in as well! (Yummmm)

Finally put ice in and mix mix mix all together. Place straw in big cup and drink away your problems and stress.

Happy drinking!!!

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Damn Wildlife...Give Me An Air Conditioned, Bug-free, Living Room ANYTIME! I only like looking at wildlife on tv or on photos.

We haven't been able to take our dog to the off-leash park in a while due to the weather so he was getting pretty antsy and bored. Last night around 8pm we decided to take him out there for an hour of exercise and socialization to hold him over until Sunday.

For those who haven't read my previous entry about this, the park is about 60 acres large and it sits near one of the biggest lakes in the state. It is in the middle of wildlife. Dogs love it!

We get to the park around 8:30 and right away we knew there would be trouble. Since there is so much park to care for, the city doesn't mow the whole thing all the time. Instead, they mow paths through the fields. With all the rain we've been having recently, there are puddles within the unmowed parts of the field, thus causing mosquitoes galore!

Walking on the paths through the fields was hell! Dh and I were literally being eaten to death out there. The dog was fine because I just gave him his monthly flea, tick, and mosquito medicine. He was happy as a clam prancing through the fields and smelling all the new growth (flowers, weeds, trees, ect).

15 min into what is usually an hour walk we decided to cut things short and go home. Our bodies were covered in bites and we were itching like crazy.

The dog was a little confused since we didn't go through the whole park as usual, but we plan to come prepared this weekend in order to let him get his full hour or more of fun.

Lessons Learned That Day:

1.Do NOT go to a wildlife park at dusk after lots of rain the previous days.
2.Take lots of "OFF" or another bug killing body spray.
3.Buy some itch medicine in case you forget the "OFF".
4.Take sunscreen.
5.Don't wear shorts and sandals.
6.Be prepared to fight off wildlife (bugs, spiders, mosquitos, ect).
7.Take the uncomfortable atmosphere for an hour at least, so the dog can get his needed exercise, exploring, and socializing for the week.

Note (has nothing to do with above entry):

May I suggest that Gwen not wear these adult-diaper-looking shorts anymore? And for God's sake, to her NOT start wearing these either. Let's not make this a fashion fad:

Image hosted by

The image above doesn't look toooo bad, but you should see her from the side!!! If I can find an image with the side shot I was post it.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Save Yourself From Greedy Bastards!

I am sure everyone knows this, but it has taken me a little while to catch on.

When you pay for something with a credit card or debit card make sure you keep your receipts until AFTER you get your statement.

Sunday when I went to dinner with some friends my dh and I paid for our own meals using a debit/credit card. I am anal about writing on my receipt the exact same thing I write on the one for the restaurant. Good thing too. We had a bill of $48.32 not including tip. On the receipt there is a space to write in your tip. Well we decided to leave a cash tip of $5 at the table instead of charging it. So in that space I wrote very clearly "Tip left @ table".

Today I review my bank account and find that they charged me $53.32! I called the manager and after he investigated he determined our waiter to have been at fault so he will credit my account the $5 I am owed. Basically, the waiter decided to give himself a tip using our credit/debit card on top of taking the cash tip we left at the table. Greedy bastard!

If not for saving my receipt, I am not sure how this drama would have played out. So I caution you….SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS and check it against your statements.

Now we have to warn a couple of other friends who ate with us and also paid by cc to make sure they check their statements. I just hope they kept their receipt.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New Discovery

I knew my digital camera had the ability to take video and sound but I didn't think the quality of them would be worth even trying it out.

On Sunday when me and a group of friends went to Starbucks, one of my friends tried my camcorder feature out. She didn't think it worked because she didn't know how to play it back.

Last night while sorting through the pics of that day, I see three movies in the list. I played them and realized it was the movies she took! I figured out how to do it and I must say, the quality is excellent!!

Now I plan to try to upload the pics and movies to my computer tonight. I need to see how I can go about sharing video via email to friends and family. That way, once I move, I can make little "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Mother's/Father's Day" clips and email them to friends and family.

Yay for my camera!!

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Work and Home

I passed one of the hardest tests I've had in a long time. The company Willow which I am going through the process to work with has a series of tests which determine if you are suitable for their company. One of the tests is called Role Play. I cannot go into detail for confidentiality reasons. Needless to say, you have 30 min to prepare for the test (that is when you get your materials, there is no way to get them beforehand) and then another 30 min is dedicated to the actual phone call (role play). They want to test your communication skills, your ability to answer customer concerns and questions, and your sales skills all in one phone conversation. It was the toughest thing I have ever done for a job.

But I passed!!! I am so relieved. Last night I turned in my background check info and Willow should be getting the results for that in 2 days then it is on to my first training course. I need to register as a corporation before I can start training though, so I plan to do that after July 1st. I want to make sure we own the house before I register that address as my business address.

Things are going so fast now! It seemed like we were in molasses the last couple of months with jobs, house hunting, ect. Now things are starting to come together. Hopefully some of the snags that are going on with the house smooth themselves out before July 1st so we can close and move in.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Friends, Photos, and House Stress

I didn't go to the baseball game but dh went with the guys and had a blast. I forgot to send the camera with him but that's ok.

We went to dinner with 5 friends after the game yesterday. We ate at an Italian restaurant in the city I had never tried before. It was okay. I've had better, but just being among friends made the whole experience very pleasant. After dinner we went to Starbucks for some coffee and we sat and talked and took lots of pics. We all had our cameras out snapping pictures of each other. I'm sure the employees and customers thought we were all mad. *lol*

It was a fun time and I am glad we did it. This was the last time we were all going to be together for a long time. The next time I see one of my friends will be when I come back to visit after I move. The others I will see before we go more than likely, but we only have 3 weeks left until the big move day!

There is a slight snag in our house…something major was supposed to be done to the house by June 1st before the appraiser got there and as of Friday it still wasn't done. So we are freaking out trying to find out when the sellers plan to have this done and when the appraiser is supposed to get there. This all needed to be done by June 1st and it is now June 6th. There is still 3 weeks left until close so there is still time, but still. It is nerve racking. If we get through this bump in the road, then the rest should be smooth sailing until Closing Day. Then I'll be sitting on pins and needles hoping our financing gets final approval before they hand over the keys.

As I said before, I won't be able to relax until the keys are firmly in my grasp. Then we can stress about getting settled into our new home and new careers.

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Sun, Fun, Run

Gonna be a BUSY weekend. Sat morning we will be working overtime, then sometime that day we need to start clearing out the house in preparation for packing.

Sunday we will be going to a MLB baseball game then out to dinner with friends that night. I get so tired being out in the sun all day so I am not sure how "awake" I will be for dinner.

Monday I do my role-play test for Willow and that is very stressful. I need to do it during my lunch hour. I need to print out the materials and I haven't used my printer for ages. The ink ran out and I haven't used it in a couple of years. Tonight I plan to buy some ink and test it out all weekend so I am not in a snag come Monday. Cross your fingers that I pass!

P.S. The good thing about having such a busy weekend: I get to take lots of pictures!! It's about time my digital camera gets some use.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Image hosted by

Our Wild Flowers

Yesterday was dh and I's 4th anniversary. After work we did some light grocery shopping then we went to a fancy, expensive Italian restaurant here in town. It was nice!! I have a ton of left overs for lunch!! I got the Eggplant Parmagiano that came with a side of spaghetti. The waitress said that the chefs usually weigh out the eggplant but this time they just gave me a whole HUGE one so I got way more than I paid for. The eggplant is smothered with spaghetti sauce and two or three different cheeses. YUM!

For dessert I had a Black and White Torte which is was heaven all by itself.

Now I am fat, full and happy even though it is the next morning.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Anniversary, Reunion, Long Weekend

This weekend was full of friends, food, and fun.

Friday night me, dh, and a friend went drunk bowling and had a blast! Saturday me, dh, and two friends went to go see Star Wars late at night. Sunday dh and I basically sat around. Monday we connected with some other friends and had a whole day and evening of playing Quiddler, talking, going out to eat, and we even shopped for some books at a local book store. It was a nice time had by all!

Tuesday dh and I called in to work because we were EXHAUSTED from the long weekend.

Today is our 4 yr wedding anniversary and we are at work, not planning anything special. We decided that buying a new house is our anniversary gift to each other.

Another anniversary was Saturday. My 10th year highschool reunion was that night, but I decided not to go. Seems like no one else went either. One of my friends went to it and said not one person from our class of 16 showed up except for her.

Maybe our 15th will be better.

Oh and I've taken a ton of pictures lately but most of them are of friends so I won't be posting them here. There are some pics of our wild flowers growing in our garden that I can post. I will do that for tomorrow's entry if I remember.

Let me leave you with one of the funniest reviews I have found online. I was researching consumer reviews of home security alarms and I found this one written in 2003 for Brinks:

"they do a good job, although occasionally i get some smart assed punk who has to make a snide comment after one of the rare times i have accidentally set off my alarm."

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  • Age: 28
  • Fav Board Game: Life
  • Fav Color: Yellow & Pink
  • Fav Day: Saturday
  • Fav Season: Spring
  • Loves: Kindness, consideration, & honesty
  • Hates: Backstabbing, hatred & ignorance
  • Actor I Want To Meet: Vin Diesel!
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