Friday, April 29, 2005

On and On It Goes

House hunting isn't fun anymore. Now it is downright heart stopping! We find a house we really like. Dh goes to see it. Loves the house...puts in a bid...then we get outbid or the seller refuses to pay closing costs and we can't afford to pay it either so the deal goes through. Then we find another house we like but when dh calls about seeing the house in person, we are told it is already sold or is in the contract stages of the sale.

Dh was supposed to come home on Monday night, but since our house hunting is going slower than we thought, he won't be coming back until May 7th. In the meantime our realtor feels really bad that our two bids fell through so he is stepping up his game and he plans to show houses to dh all day tomorrow or Monday. He requested that we look online some more and email him a list of houses we are interested in seeing in person.

I just emailed him 7 more houses. One of them seems very promising but who knows.

At this point I would be happy to get a shed....okay maybe I'm not THAT desperate...but still.

Dh and I talked seriously this morning and have decided that if he still doesn't get us a house next week, we will just move in with his sister in August and spend the next month or two searching for houses once we move up there. The good thing about that plan is that we won't have to pay rent so we will have an extra few hundred dollars per month to set aside to use as a bigger downpayment if we wanted to. But that is just if everything falls through next week. I am confident that we'll be able to find SOMETHING in that time though. It is nice to know that we have a "Plan B" though.

UPDATE: Well my dh just called with good news, the first house we got outbidded on fell through so now the sellers have accepted our offer!! If the house passes inspection, we will be closing in the beginning of July and moving in Aug 1st. Keep your fingers crossed that the deal doesn't fall through!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Near The End of the Search

After a slow start with house hunting, we are down to only 2 or 3 more days of looking. Most of the houses we liked from the internet are either sold or in the process of being sold. There is one house that dh plans to tour tomorrow that is very promising. It's been on the market for a while, then it was taken off the market, improvements were made to the house (new carpet, paint, ect) and they brought the asking price down by 10-20K so it is now right in our price range.

We were approved for 3K more to our loan so we plan to use every penny of that in our bid if we like that house. The catch is that the seller needs to pay all closing costs since we don't have the cash for that.

I won't say anymore for fear of jinxing us.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Wait...You're Kidding, Right?

I don't care how old you are, NEVER tell your parents what you are up to. Never. I don't care if you are 18 or 85. If your parents ask you what you are up to...say nothing.

I tell my mom that my plans to go to the movies with Bill and Wes (fake names to protect the innocent) fell thru today due to Bill standing us up. So we plan to go tomorrow evening instead. That knowledge of my plans threw my mom into a tizzy! She doesn't feel "comfortable with" me going to the movies with two men. I explain that people don't think it odd to see one girl and a guy or two these days. People just assume we are all friends (which we are) or that the two guys are a couple or the girl is a couple with one guy and the other guy is just a friend...whatever. I explain it is not the 1920's anymore. She understands that and that is not why it bothers her. It bothers her because it isn't safe.

Okay, I am driving my OWN CAR and going with two good friends whom I trust to a PUBLIC PLACE. They aren't coming to my house and I am not going to theirs. We are in a movie theatre! I told her "Mom, people generally don't rape and beat women in public places." She asked me where all my female friends are and why I can't go to the movies with them or better yet, have at least one female friend go with me to the movies. Unless I know a female friend who owns a gun or knows Kung Fu, I don't think she would be able to help me if my two male friends go crazy and try attacking me in a crowded movie theatre...

I am extremely upset now. I cannot believe she really thinks somehow my life is in danger because I am going to the movies with two friends. I've known she has always had trust issues with everyone in the world except her own family, but damn.

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Friday, April 22, 2005

And We're Off!

Dh was supposed to leave on Greyhound last night, but since we bought our tickets online two months ago, we were not made aware of the schedule change. So I dropped him off about an hour before his departure time. Then I get a call around the time he should have boarded the bus. Dh tells me "Come pick me up". I am freaking out thinking something bad must have happened at the bus station.

I race over to get him and find out that the last bus left at 7pm even though his bus wasn't scheduled to leave until 9:30pm. After he yelled at the customer service rep over the phone for not telling us about the change, he had to make reservations to leave on the first bus the next morning (today). Luckily we didn't have to fork over another $138 for a new ticket.

I dropped him off at 9am for his departure at 10am. I sat with him there until 9:45 and I started crying so I left because I wouldn't have been able to see him board the bus, just imagining the scene made me cry harder. So we said our goodbyes and I left.

I ran some errands, came home, ate lunch, took a much needed relaxing bath, surfed the net and now I am about to take a nap on the couch. What a day!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Noon to 8pm

Note: I am "disguising" the company names because I am not sure if I am allowed to talk freely about them and my schedules with them at this point. But you can guess from past comments and from logical thinking what the names are. *wink*

From talking to many people like myself who work from home, I have come to the conclusion that I might spend most of my time working for V*r*f*st (the outbound calls one) instead of W*st. The reason is the W*st doesn't seem to have many hours to choose from and when you do get the hours of work you want, the calls that come through are not very many. Since we get paid per min of talk time, not getting very many calls means that my paycheck will be small.

If I can, I plan to work Noon to 8 pm M-F for V*r*f*st and will do some hours during the day and on weekends for W*st if I feel up to it. Just so I maintain 50 min of work a month with W*st, I won't lose my position there. Should the need arise that I need more money or whatever, I can always pick up more hours with either of the two companies and work all weekend or whatever I choose.

It is nice being able to set my own hours!!!! Not having to work until noon is heaven! I can sleep in til 9:30 or so, get up and watch tv, make breakfast and do whatever I want. Then from 11-12 have lunch and after that report to work (go into my home office) until 8pm. I REALLY wish I would have found this job sooner. But better than nothing I guess!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My Week

I think Friday will be my day to hang out in my pjs and watch movies because Saturday I will be coming in to work a few hours.

My parents will be coming down to visit on Sunday so I can clean the house on Saturday evening.

Then all next week I will be reading, napping, watching tv, and doing some light cleaning. Of course, I will be on-call to receive digital pics of houses from dh. And talking to him about which ones he likes in person and which ones he doesn't.

Sometime next week I plan to take my pup to the Doggie Park. Most likely it will be in the late morning hours during the week while everyone else is at work and school. So we should have the whole park to ourselves! Yay!!

Having a week off from work sounds nice but a week at home goes by a lot faster than a week at work.

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Almost Done, Almost Here

Well I have completed all the tests for my job. I just need to take the final exam. I am putting that off for tomorrow or Wednesday though. I need some time to let all I have learned sink in.

3 more days til dh goes to NJ!! I am excited about it because we are buying a house, but at the same time I am so sad. Dh and I are literally together 24/7 so I am not ready to be so far away from him for so long. I think I'm gonna cry....

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Back To Work!

I was given another chance at that job I thought I lost!! So I am busy study hard and taking the tests so that I can work. So far I've been passing all my tests with 90%. I would prefer 100% but I can't complain.

I just got done spending a good hour to an hour and a half studying and testing. My head is killing me. Thank goodness they give 10 days to complete the testing.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Nothing is worse than getting a job just to lose it a couple days later. One of my big jobs I lost because I failed a test. It was a very easy subject but the way they ask the questions are odd and idiot me didn't print or copy the training module. I got a 100% on the first test then I studied for the second test then failed it…twice, with a 70%.

I was feeling very bad when I learned that MANY people fail that part of the tests. This one lady said she even has a college degree and still managed to fail that part. *lol*

The rule is, if you fail a test you must wait 6 months before trying again. I called the employee help desk and asked if they would give me another chance (I hear they do that sometimes) but she said no. So I emailed them asking the same thing. The email reply was that they would review my situation and let me know an answer within a couple of weeks. So I am holding my breath for 2 weeks.

The bright side of all of this is that the part-time job I thought only allowed a max of 20 hours per week is actually a min of 20 hours per week!! So if I don't get that other job back, I still have another one to fall back on. AND, I still have applications out to about 10 other companies. Many are on a hiring freeze so I don't expect to hear back from them for a little bit. Hopefully things will pick up before I move.

I am feeling better this morning than I did last night. I was so dejected. I have only been fired from a job one time in my whole life and that was because I got sick during training class and I wasn't allowed to miss any days of training. So to possibly be told I need to re-apply in 6 months and start all over again, feels like being fired. I hate that feeling. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Work, Play, House


I am getting nervous about my new jobs! In my present job, even though it is a customer service job, I do not have a script to follow at all. But these new jobs require script reading. That really makes me nervous. I haven't done script work in YEARS and when I did I hated it. We'll see. Hopefully I'll be okay and not stumble too much. Once I get to know the script inside and out it will be okay, but until then, I am so nervous.

My husband's job working with his brother in law has sort of fallen through. They say there is still a chance he can work there come August but for right now there is a hiring freeze of sorts. The good news is that his brother in law's family has been able to get jobs VERY quickly and easily in other companies so it shouldn't be a problem. Dh has put in about a dozen job applications via in the meantime. He will also be looking for jobs while he is there in a week.

We feel much better knowing that I at least have two jobs lined up and possibly more. I have about 10 or so jobs in the wings, waiting for interviews so hopefully a few more will hire me so I have lots of work set up before we move.


Got my brows waxed this weekend and I am feeling sexy! *tee hee* Now I just need some new clothes…


On the house hunting front: We have been pre-approved for an FHA loan but someone recommended to me online, that I ask about an 80/20 loan. That way I won't have to put ANYTHING down. If we can get that option, the few thousand dollars we have saved could be put towards a real esate lawyer, a home inspector, and our first payment or something.

Right now with the FHA loan option we just have enough for the downpayment and nothing more. The FHA will provide us with a house inspector for free but the lawyer would have to be our cost and we cannot afford one so we would be taking that risk.

So keep your fingers crossed that we can get pre-approved for that 80/20 loan or something similar. It will also depend on how much they approve us for if we got an 80/20. If they can't give us at least what we are getting with the FHA loan, we'll have no choice but to take the FHA. It is tough enough finding a house in our price range that we like, take money away and it will become impossible. Hopefully our lender will get back to us about the 80/20 option today.

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Friday, April 08, 2005

It's official, I have been hired with two telecommuting jobs!!! Now I just have to train and pass all the tests before I can start work.

I am nervous about this new adventure but I am excited about it as well. One company I will be making calls but the other company I got hired by today, I will be taking calls for orders.

My career at home starts soon! Now, let's just hope I make enough money to keep it up or else I will have to get a job outside the home.

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

I'm Hired!!

I got my first independent contractor job!!! Granted it is only for 20 hours a week, but at least I can work from home! I have an interview for another job on Friday so fingers crossed that I get that one too. The job I have an interview for can be part-time or full-time. It is completely up to me how much of that job I work.

So it is looking like I will definitly be able to stay home to work! YAY!!

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Highschool Reunion Woes

My 10th year highschool reunion is quickly coming up on me and I am not sure if I want to go. It is not just because we'll be in a whirwind of preparing to move at that time, but mostly because I really don't feel like seeing anyone right now. I come from a tiny class of like 16 students (it was a private school) and I didn't get along with most of them. The ones I have hung out with a few times since highschool might be there but there is one person I am not looking forward to seeing. I am not sure if she'll be there or not, but I would rather not find out.

I am just not feeling up to it. I know a couple of my friends from school will beg, demand, and practically force me kicking and screaming to go, but I really need to stand my ground if I still feel this strongly come May. It's no use using the excuse that I am moving so I should just come clean and be real about it. I don't feel like seeing anyone from school and I definitly don't wanna run into, I will call her Jane.

I'll see how I feel at that time though. It isn't until the end of May anyways.

In the meantime, enjoy this random picture from my digital camera! (I haven't posted any pics recently)

Image hosted by

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Big House or Big Yard?

The big question with the homes we have seen online is this: Do we want a huge 5 bedroom house that sits in the middle of a busy neighborhood with lots of neighbors or a 3-4 bedroom that sits on 2.71 acres in the country?

That is dilemma we are having. It seems like all the houses we are finding fits in one of those categories. Of course these questions will be better answered in two weeks when dh goes to actually see the homes for himself.

Also, we were having quite a night freaking out about whether I would need to be there if we should close on a house while he is visiting. The problem is we have no money for me to fly, drive, or walk (hee hee) to NJ in two weeks. Luckily our realtor said that my attendance is not needed if we fill out a POA form for my husband to have Power of Attorney over me so he can represent both of us legally when signing the purchase forms.

The only snag is if we can't close until dh comes back home, then we'll have to think of something else. One idea is for both of us to take two days and fly out there to close which will run us about $500. Another idea if the realtor and all parties agree to this, is for them to fax us the purchase forms and we get sign it and get it notorized here then we overnight mail it back to the realtor or wherever. That idea would cost us about $30 or less. OR we can ask the Seller if we can close on Aug 1st which the day we will arrive in our new state.

As for hiring a real estate lawyer (which is highly recommended) and getting our own independent house inspector, that is not financially in our favor. Especially if we do wind up having to fly down to NJ to close on the house. Since we have an FHA loan, FHA will automatically send an appraiser/inspector to see the house we want before they will extend the loan to us. And our realtor, while he suggests we get a lawyer, said that in 5 months he has only had to use a buyer's lawyer one time to settle a legal dispute. But that is the risk we would take and we are prepared to take it since lawyers don't work for free and we have no money to spare. "You can't squeeze blood from a turnip" as the old saying goes.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Spring Has Sprung!

Had a nice weekend of relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. Took our pup to the Dog Park then we went to get some frozen custard at a local Sheridan's drive thru. The pup got a free cone which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Also this weekend, I updated my house list. 4 of them went off the market but I was able to find 5 more to replace those with.

Our favorite so far is a wood shingled house with 3 beds 2 baths, pool, and about a ½ acre or more of land. Behind the property sits acres of a nature preserve which is nice. Of course true to form, that house won't be on the market in two weeks when dh goes to NJ. But if not, that is okay, we have 27 more homes to look at and take our pick from.

My friend was supposed to host a BBQ/picnic at the lake yesterday but she never called and by the time I remembered about it, it was evening. So I guess her plans fell through.

If you didn't catch it before: Two more weeks until dh goes to New Jersey!!!

One last update: I have recieved interview offers from two of the work from home jobs I applied to! Now I just have to convince them to let me start in Aug instead of now.

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