Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Email Woes

I am so embarressed. Our realtor has a website in which we created a log-in so that we can search for homes. There is also an area where we can put our favorite houses for easy reference. Because both my dh and I would be researching, we both shared one log-in.

It appears everytime we log in and look at houses, an email is sent to our realtor telling him what we looked at while we were logged in. It seems that it sends him an email for EVERY house we view on the site. So if you can imagine, two of us looking at houses in several different counties in New Jersey, our realtor is literally getting slammed with emails! He is trying to figure out how to turn that feature off so that he doesn't get notified every time we log in, but until then his email has been literally deluged with automatic notifications. I am so mortified.

Luckily for our realtor though, I've been spending the majority of my time on which is completely separate from his website.

Now I know why he hasn't been able to reply to the two real emails I sent him regarding some homes I found that I wanted more info on. *eeek*

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tuesday? That's it?

I can't believe it is only Tuesday. It might be because I worked 4 hours on Saturday, but it really feels like it should be later in the week than Tuesday.

I've been so immerced in house hunting that I've been dreaming about it for the last two weeks! It is fun, but also stressful because we are trying to find a nice home in a safe neighborhood. Since it is a seller's market, the number of homes for sale are slim pickings. There are lots of nice homes in bad neighborhoods, and there are some bad homes in safe neighborhoods, but finding both a nice home and a nice neighborhood together is very tough right now.

After cleaning up my favorites on I am down to 19 homes that we like. I still need to go through and make sure they are all in decent areas. Once I do that, the number might drop some more. But new homes come on the market every week. We still have another 3 weeks before dh will be going to NJ to look at homes so there is still plenty of time for more homes to show up on the market.

On top of all this, I am very impatient to hear back from the jobs I applied for online. I know it's only been a couple of weeks for some and a few days for others since I applied, but I am a very impatient person and the closer we get to buying a house, the more impatient I am getting about employment. I REALLY don't want to have to go find a job once we move. Not only because we only have one car, but also, I hate going to interviews, dressing up, and having co-workers. I would prefer to work from home in my pjs or sweatpants without co-workers gossiping around me and supervisors peering over my shoulder every minute

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Working For A Living

I am feeling really good! I spent the majority of the weekend online putting in applications and emailing my resume for job positions working from home. I really need to get a job before we try closing on a house in case the lender requires proof of employment before they will give us the money. Since I will be self-employed there will be no way to prove I have jobs lined up but if I can give them copies of any emails or anything from the companies that hire me that should be enough. But I need a job first!

I also spent some time looking for more houses. I have 16 homes under my favorites section of One of those houses just came on the market the last couple of days so the chances that it will still be there at the end of April are better than the other places. Yay!!

Dh is even job searching somewhat. Even though he was promised a job working with his brother in law, we found out that his starting pay can be anything from $12-18 an hour depending on which position they give him. If he gets the $12 per hour one, my finding a job that pays $9 or more dollars per hour is VERY important for us to be able to afford our bills. But if he starts at $18 then the pressure is alleviated from me in a big way. Since dh doesn't feel comfortable with that uncertainty, he will be applying for jobs the week he is down there in April as a backup plan. We saw a job paying $45K a year as a coffee roaster (no experience necessary) that sounds really cool! The problem with starting the job search this early though is that we still have 4 months until we move and most positions will be filled by then. Oh well. We'll know more about all of this when dh gets back from his trip in April. I just need to be patient. *easier said than done*

Note: My friend who had to have minor surgery to remove a tumor is doing well and she won't have to go back to surgery because they were able to get it all out!! YAY!!!!!! If you prayed or just crossed your fingers for her, thank you so much! There is power in positive thought. :D

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

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Friday, March 25, 2005

A House On The Prairie

Looking at dozens of houses online, dh and I are finding our tastes in homes and we are down to two kinds.

1. Rancher style with 3 or more bedrooms, central air, garage, .3-.5 or more acres of land
2. Colonial or Victorian style 2-story, 3 or more bedrooms, driveway or garage, in town so the yard will be about .15-.20 acres.

We would prefer the amount of land and the area (out in the country) of the ranchers because that will give us lots of space for our dog and we aren't in the middle of town. But we are attracted to the style of the colonial/victorian homes that seem to be only found in town. So we decided to go for the rancher, but if none are available that we like, we'll go with the colonial/victorian style in town. The BEST property would be a colonial or victorian that sits on .3-.5 or more acres of land out in the country. *hee hee*

Since home-buying is the main attraction in my life right now, most of my entries will be about that, but I don't wanna bore you, so know that I will start talking about other things when the home buying simmers down. :D

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mortgage Fears

Now I am going through fears of losing the mortgage offer. We have been pre-approved but I hear that doesn't mean it is definite. Unless our credit get worse from now until the time we put in an offer, we should be okay. But I have these unfounded fears of old debts that have dropped off my report because they were too old coming back again! I have fears that the two entries I am disputing with the credit companies, turn against my favor even though we were pre-approved with those two negatives on my credit.

Lots of fears and all unfounded, but still. I wonder how common it is to lose a mortgage offer after you have already been pre-approved. I have read somewhere that just so we don't make any major purchases from now until we close we should be okay. But I am still fearful. Is this normal?

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

House Hunting Frustrations

Nothing like loving a house then losing it. Dh and I found the "perfect" house right in our price range yesterday but we quickly found it was being bidded on already. Today that house is off the market. The good points for us not being able to see the house in person and make a bid on it is that it was 30 min drive from dh's family (which could be a good thing) and the resell value in that area is bad. But the bad thing is that pickings are very slim for us because it is a seller's market and our limit of 120K is severly restricting.

But life goes on and we are crossing fingers that new properties come on the market within the month and any property we find that we like hopefully will still be on the market at the end of April when dh travels to NJ.

We wouldn't have been able to get that "perfect" house anyways since we won't buy anything until we get to physically see it of course, and since that house went on the market in Feb it was doubtful it would have stayed on the market until the end of April unless it wasn't a good find.

I am quickly discovering that house hunting is more work and takes more out of you then I thought. Especially house hunting via the internet. I wonder how people did it before the net? Snail mail? That would be very annoying.

Cross your fingers with me that we are able to find a great house in a great town that we can move into August 1st.

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Me...A Homeowner!!!

We got approved for a home loan!!! I am so happy!! $120,000 is our cap and we would have to put down 3% of the cost as a downpayment before closing. The closing costs, inspections, ect would be in our contract for the buyer to pay. So now it is house hunting instead of apartment hunting for us!

The major obsticles will be to get the downpayment money and also getting our first paychecks with our new jobs before our first mortgage payment is due. Our moving costs have just went up by 1-2K before the end of July. That is scary, but with some creative downgrading of our bills and working overtime as they offer it, we should be okay.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Me A Home Owner?

I am feeling better now. Still a little tired and I keep coughing but other than that, much better than last week.

It looks like dh and I will be trying to buy a home! We didn't think with our credit and not having any money saved we would be able to seriously look into buying a home. Well we spoke with a realtor and it looks like we might be able to afford a cute 2 or 3 bedroom somewhere in South Jersey. We haven't been pre-approved yet but we plan to call the financial dept of the realtor's office tomorrow to find out if it would be realistic for us to start looking for a house to own rather than lease before we move.

The realtor thinks if we get approved, we should be able to get into our new home around the time we move out there if not before! So I've been looking at homes and doing some research.

Wish us luck!!

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Thursday, March 17, 2005


Damn the flu shot not being available!! I've never gotten the flu shot because I figure, with everyone else getting the shot I shouldn't be able to catch the flu from anyone. This theory of mine has worked wonders the last 5 years or more. Until this week. Monday I woke up feeling completely nauseous and dizzy. I had to splash cold water on my face and drink handfuls of water from the sink before I felt strong enough to walk downstairs. I was majorly dehydrated. That whole day I did nothing but sleep, sweat, get the chills, sleep some more, sweat some more and get the chills some more.

Tuesday was no different. Then Wednesday I finally got a thermometer and took my temp. The highest I was at 101.4 and that was the "cool" day! I can't imagine what my temp was on Monday and Tuesday. I didn't go to the doctor because I have a $250 co-pay and we can't afford any more bills. So I have been taking Dayquil and Nyquil religiously.

Now I am out of sick days so I am here at work with a flu for the next two days (Thurs and Fri). It also sounds like most of my co-workers have the flu as well. All because that damned flu vaccine was so rare this year. Grrrrr.

Also, I just found out one of my friends has a cancerous bump that has to be removed. I am so scared for her and sad that I couldn't be with her when she found out about it. All my prayers and positive thoughts are going her way today.

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Friday, March 11, 2005


I removed the music vid for now because there is no stop button on it so it kept running. *lol*

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Surprise Birthday That Was Surprisingly Fun!

Dh and I were invited to a surprise birthday party for a very close friend of ours last night. Being a week night I wasn't very pumped up about having to party, but today I am very glad we went! It was an evening of reconnecting with old friends, meeting new friends, lots of interesting conversations and laughter, and good food. I had a very very nice time. We didn't stay too long, only about 2 hours but that was the perfect amount of time for a work night.

It really made my week. Actually, I am in a pretty good mood this morning!

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I watched Supersize Me for the first time last night. If you are not familiar with the movie, it is a documentary which follows a very healthy guy around as he eats McDonalds for every meal (three squares a day) for one month.

The guy has several doctors who tested his health before he started, during the "diet" and afterwards.

I won't ruin it for you if you haven't seen it, but I will say….I am not touching fast food for a very long time. Not just fast foods but fried foods in general. I am actually looking to detox so that I can start fresh. Anyone have any good detox diets you can lead me to?

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

*Cough Cough*

I took yesterday off from work. Not because I was sick from Sat night, but because I just didn't feel like going in. I am living this up now, because once I start working from home I won't be able to take off too much time since I am self-employed and if I take off work, I don't get paid. For those times I am sick or we take a family vacation, we will have to financially plan for that time off. Lucky for me though, my income will just be to supplement dh's income so if I need to take off the odd day, it won't be a huge deal, I just can't do it very often.

I could actually get away with working on 20-30 hours a week if I get enough work in. But I plan to shoot for 40-50 hours a week so that we can use that money to pay off ALL of our debts, save $ for a house, and use any extra to spoil ourselves rotten!

Once I go back to school though, I will need to drop down to 20-30 hours of work so that I can take time for class and studying.

So for those of you who are not self-employed but are thinking about going that route, use all the sick, personal, and vacation time your current employer gives you because once you become self-employed, those days will be rare depending on your financial situation.

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Red Bull and Vodka Gave Me WINGS

I haven't had a hang over this bad for years. Last night dh and I spent 5 hours at a nice bar drinking, playing pool, and spending one hour in a private karaoke room. At first no one was going to sing but me, but after about 45 min, everyone else started singing too!!! It was really fun.

By the end of the night, I had downed 5 or 6 Red Bull and Vodkas, 3 beers and one shot. The Advil I took this morning, got rid of my headache, but I still feel very very nauseous and dizzy. I just couldn't stay in bed all day. I've already slept 12 hours.

I have a feeling I might be calling in sick tomorrow. *bleh*

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Here we go again...

I am about to embark on a exciting but scary journey onto the road of self-employment ie: independent contractor, at-home agent, small business owner, ect as you all know…

I am very happy that my career is taking this turn. There are so many advantages to being my own boss. The disadvantages are frightening because the responsibility is heavy and the consequences for not getting it right are harsh. But the freedom of being able to work in my PJs, set my own hours, not answer to anyone, not have to deal with office politics and workplace drama, and having the flexiblility to take this as far as I want to is exhilarating.

I didn't want to end up doing more customer service work once I started my own company, but in the end it comes down to this. When I move to NJ I will need to get a job. The only skills I have are data entry, customer service, and telemarketing. Therefore the only types of jobs I would be eligible for would be in the call-center environment. That is, until I can get a degree in Graphic Arts and Web Design. So, would I rather take cataloug orders in a call-center with co-workers, supervisors, dress codes, ect or would I rather take cataloug orders from my own home in my own time and work for any company that I can market myself to?

My answer came quick and easy. While my dream to open a business in online retail (Ebay), for the immediate future I need to focus on making money so that I can buy more product to sell online. Then when I have both businesses going, I can decide which one to focus my time on more. Selling on Ebay is fun and rewarding, but without the capital it is impossible to keep it going. It is definitly something I would need to take baby steps in.

posted at 10:22 AM


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Stayin Home

I am getting ever closer to working from home. Not only do I still plan to go head first into Ebay once I move, but I've also been scouting around for some data entry/customer service jobs that I can do from home as well. One company in particular is really intriguing me. They seem to have ties to Office Depot and possibly other major companies. The catch is that I need to start a business, register it and files taxes as an independent contractor before any of the companies will hire me on. There will be lots of fees, paperwork and headache (beaurocracy) involved with getting started, but in the long run that will be better than the headache of having to work outside the home.

It seems 10% of call centers are now outsourcing their jobs to independent at-home contractors (people like myself) and that number is expected to grow every year as more employers and employees discover this idea.

So the at-home rat race is on!!

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My Party Move!

I am getting in the party mood! I get my hair braided on Saturday morning, then I plan to hit the gym for an hour, then I get home and get ready for going out on the town in the evening!! I've fallen back into my frumpiness lately, so it will be nice to get out there and look pretty, feel pretty, and party.

On other news: We reserved our ABF moving truck for July 27th. Now we just need to start saving more money for our move. We haven't been able to save as much money as we should and that hurt us badly when we got our tax refund. Instead of $1,000 of that going towards our moving account, it went to pay bills that have sort of stacked up. So now we are $1,000 behind. But we plan to do some major saving between now and the end of April because that is when dh needs it to take with him on his trip to NJ as a deposit on a home for us to rent.
In the meantime, I've been trying to earn extra money online (Ebay, joining those paid email sites, and looking into doing data entry from home from several good companies online). It won't be much money since I just started, but any little bit counts right now. And every penny of money I earn online will go towards our moving fund. These are exciting but scary times.

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