Friday, October 29, 2004

Party, Food, and Getting In Shape

This is gonna be a busy weekend. At least on Saturday. I'll be working a few hours of voluntary overtime at work, then I go home and start cooking for our party! We are having a Halloween party with a bunch of our friends. We haven't all gotten together in a very long time, so this should be fun.

I plan to fry up some chicken wings, make cheesy mashed potatoes, and put out some snacks. There will be around 14 people give or take about 4 people, so this should be a really fun night!
On other news, I having been faithfully working out and semi-faithfully sticking to my WW diet. I don't feel as if I am really accomplishing a lot so I need to step it up. I plan to work out longer everyday and try my hardest to stick to the diet plan. I REALLY need to lose this weight before the end of May. It is tough to start a diet plan right before the holidays, but I really have little choice if I wanna lose weight before my HS reunion. *eeek*

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Monday, October 25, 2004

Remember Me?

This weekend was pretty much completely internet-free for me! That is rare indeed. I usually spend about 10-12 hours a day over the weekend on the net in one form or another.

Saturday was spent walking around two malls (I found a beautiful coat at Burlington Coat Factory) and eating lunch at Red Lobster. Then we came home, hung out for a while and invited a friend over for some beer and friendly chat. We then made an early night (for Saturday) and went to bed around mid-night.

Sunday we went to see the movie "The Grudge" and just chilling out at home for the rest of the day.
The movie is not worth seeing. I am a HUGE fan of "The Ring" so when I saw this movie it just reeked of a rip-off. They overdid the scary images so by the end of the movie, they were scary anymore for me. But I am glad I went, I got to see the preview for "The Ring Two"!!!

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Damned Spyware/Adware

I am being assaulted at work by trojan viruses (cydoor) also known as "keyword hijackers". That is because no matter what website I visit certain keywords in it are linked to an outside sales site. For instance, if I go back and read this very entry on my blog at my work computer, no doubt I will see some or several words linked. When I click on those words the browser will take me to a site selling services or products. But if I read this entry at home, not one word will be linked. That is because my work computer is infected and my home computer isn't

My home computer not only has Norton Anti-Virus, but it also has three pop-up blocking softwares, an adware remover and a firewall. While that computer is not immune to viruses, it is just harder for it to get them and even harder for it to keep them for any length of time.

But my work computer only has a very flimsy McAfee anti-virus software which is supposedly updated by our tech department. We have no pop-up blockers or adware removers and if we download any, we are subjected to a slap on the wrist for downloading non-approved software. Because of this, my work computer has literally 20-30 different adware/spyware programs on it, one of which is that IgetNet keyword hijacker. This computer has Hotbar software, Gator, MySearch, ClearSearch and a variety of other adwares on it.

This brings me to my next annoyance: I cannot find a totally free adware remover to download in order to rid my computer of these annoying viruses! The only one that I have found is from Lavasoft but it won't detect or remove any of the software I have listed above. It removed others, but I still have 20-30 more that it won't detect. The "free" ones I have used have found the other ones but they won't remove them unless I pay for it! I refuse to pay for an adware remover for my employer's computer system. Beware that any "free" adware/spyware removal software off the net are actually just giving you a free scan to see if you have any adware. Once it locates it all, it tells you to buy the service (usually for $19.95 or $29.95 depending on the company) in order to remove them all. Or you can go to some free sites like for instructions on manually removing these viruses on your own. The only reason I won't do it to my work computer is because it requires you to go into the computer's registry and if you delete the wrong thing you can cause some major damage to your computer. It is like diffusing a bomb on your own without expert help. Because I am not an expert, that leads me to my next annoyance:

Do I tell my supervisor about this in hopes that the tech dept can purchase a company-approved adware remover? Or do I just let it go because I shouldn't be telling tech support experts how to protect a computer? Let me go ponder...

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I am done making excuses about missing my work-out and not sticking to my Weight Watchers diet. So I am baaaaaack! It all started last night when I was playing Toontown and realized it was an hour from bedtime. I told myself that I could just play until bedtime and workout tomorrow instead. Then I told myself how exhausted I was of making excuses and then feeling about about them later so I talked myself into dedicating 10 min of the hour on exercise. That is when I jumped on the Gazelle machine for 10 min.

This morning I have re-started (for what seems like the 12th time in 2 years) my Weight Watchers At Home program.

Wish me luck!

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Cell Phone 4 Caution: Very long entry ahead

My dh and I got our new cell phones on Friday (they came 2-day Fed-Ex)! They are Motorola V220s. For anyone even a tiny bit interested in this here is my personal review of the phone so far.


Of the few calls I have made using the phone, I would have to say the sound quality is great! Especially compared to my old Nokia 3360. The only complaint I have is one that it seems many people have if you read other reviews online, the volume of the ring and of the phone conversation could stand to be louder. Right now I have everything on the loudest possible setting and I feel it isn't loud enough. Though the speakerphone feature is great! I can hear the other person very well and they could hear me just as well. That will definitly come in handy for those calls to relatives during the holidays. That way dh and I can wish people a Merry Christmas at one time. Another sound quality issue is the fact that when the phone is anywhere near speakers (computer, tv, stereo) it makes the speakers crackle really badly. I am not the only one with this issue, as I have read a few other reviews in various sites that have the same thing happen to them.

The quality of the phone itself is good too. It is a light 3.7 ounces (much better than my 5.3oz Nokia!!), so it feels as though it is fragile, but I don't think it is. I haven't dropped it yet but when I do (I have my days) that will be the true test.

Games, Ringtones and Other Fun Stuff

Games....there aren't any!! The only "free" game is a demo-version of Bedazzled. For the whole game or for other games you have to purchase them.

Ringtones are fun on this phone. Even though I personally didn't care for any of the free Polyphonic tones that come standard on the phone, they do give you lots to choose from. A couple of them are very annoying like the Siren and the Continental, but those are the loudest ones too. Cingular sells Voice Tones (ringtones that are all vocal like an assortment of celebs telling you to pick up your phone), True Music Tones (actual snippets of MP3s from Usher to Vanessa Carlton), and Sound Effect Tones (various sounds such as dog barking, babbling stream, creeking doors, ect). My personal favorite is Kathy Griffin called "We're In A Restaurant" where she yells for you to pick up your phone and that she hopes we are not in a restaurant. I bought that one last night.

The cost of the Ringtones vary from $1.99 each to $2.49 a piece. It can get pricey so choose well! But once you buy something, it is yours the life of the phone.

Graphics are also available for the Motorola V220. The phone itself comes with a huge variety, but if you prefer, you can download some from Cingular like with the Ringtones. The choices are black and white or color. There are many many categories of images to choose from too. Those also range in price. The one I want is $2.49. They also offer a couple of free ones on the Cingular site as well. You can use the graphics as wallpaper and/or screensavers for your phone. As an added bonus, you can use your own pics as wallpaper and/or screensavers!

Camera is standard on the Motorola V220. I don't expect the pics to look as clear as a regular camera's, but they are do-able for the phone. A little tricky to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is great! It even has Zoom to make picture taking easier. Once you take a pic you can choose to discard it or save it to the phone. If you select "Save", you are then asked if you would like to make that photo your Wallpaper, Screensaver, or just Store it. Right now my wallpaper is a pic of my cat. My dh made his wallpaper from the pic he took of our dog. This is a very fun feature! I am not sure how to download them to the internet or share them via email yet, but I hear I need to buy an extra cord and some software so I think I will put that off for a while.

Internet is also available with this phone. Everything from IM to checking sports scores. You can even check your phone minutes used, bill, and you can even pay your bill all using the phone. There is an extra fee for every kb used, but Cingular insists that the fee is very small. For those who will be using the internet constantly, they offer monthly packages to save even more money.

Calculator, Datebook, Alarm Clock are very useful and practical features that the Motorola V220 has. I have only used the datebook so far, but it was great! A calendar pops up where you have the choice of the whole month or the week. From there you just fill in the who, what, when, where and set the alarm if you would like a reminder. I haven't used the alarm clock or the calculator, but I am sure they will come in use someday. I just tried the calculator to see how simple it is to use and it is very simple. Much easier than my Nokia 3360.

The Bad and the Worse

Bad-the battery life seems to be flimsy. It doesn't take much to make the battery die. I think it has something to do with all of the technology available on the phone. From choosing a new ringtone from your list to taking a couple of pictures, your battery can die very quickly. What is worse is the fact that it then takes me at least two hours to charge it back up again! I hope this is due to the battery being brand-new. I hope things will get better from here.

Worse-the menus on this phone are insanely complex and cluttered. For example, instead of putting ringtones, sounds, and volume under Audio, they have them all spread around different sub-groups. If you click on Sounds you only see a list of the sounds available to you. The only thing you can do with that list is listen to the sound, but I have yet to find any other reason for it. In order to select that sound as your ringtone you have to go to the list marked Audio. Then from there you select from Loud, Soft, Vibrate, Vibe & Ring, and Silent. Once you select the one you want, you can click on "detail" to bring up the ringtones. That is just one example of many that I can see with the menu. Too many things to choose from. As a person who considers myself advanced at technology, even I have found myself hopelessly lost in menus and sub-menus. I have spent hours trying to find one single feature.

Worse-the User Manual is awful. It is just as bad as using the menus. It takes forever just to find the thing you are wanting to know about because it is not where you would think it should be. Using the glossary helps a lot, but it does not end there. Once you find what you are looking for, there might be two lines and a bad diagram as the only lesson on how to use that feature. There are hardly any details or actul step-by-step instructions. They all seem rather vauge. I have pretty much given up on the manual. I just try to learn things by trial and error.


After all is said and done, I would give the phone 3 out of 5 stars. That is solely because of the lack of user-friendly features. It seems everything is difficult to master in regards to personalizing the phone with your own media, finding features using the menus, and reading the manual for help. Once I master those things I would rate the phone more stars.

The Motorola V220 should only be used by young, technologically advanced, hipsters who don't mind a little bit of a challenge and who would appreciate all of the features the phone comes with (IM, email, internet surfing, chat, camera, ect). I would tell anyone who has trouble setting up their new DVD player or even setting the time on a standard alarm clock to stay away from this phone. Practice with the sturdy, yet bulky, but very simple-to-use, Nokia 3360.

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Someone Stop Me!!

My dh and I just signed a new 2-year contract with Cingular. In my mail box yesterday there laid a letter from Cingular. Inside was a letter inviting me to renew my contract and in return I can choose from 2 free phones or I could buy a $300 value phone for only $50.

Free Phones I Could Choose From:
Motorola V220 camera phone
Nokia 3120

Phone For $50
Motorola V400 camera phone

My dh and I chose the Motorola V220 camera phones for free.

Now you have to understand, we both still have dinosaurs, Nokia 3360. It doesn't even have a color screen!! You can forgive me for being so excited about my new phone then.

Doing some research, I found out that I can choose from thousands of Polyphonic, True Music Ringtones, Vocal ringtones (like different celebrities telling you to answer your phone), and Sound effects! I can also get a wallpaper and a screensaver for my new phone as well. All exciting stuff!

I am in great anticipation of getting my new phone. It should be here either Saturday, Monday, or Tuesday. The sooner the better!!! :D

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Monday, October 11, 2004

Christopher Reeve Dies At The Age of 52

The Superman of my generation is dead. Christopher Reeve who played Superman in the blockbuster hits of the 80's, has died from a complication of an infection caused by a bedsore. The infection took it's toll and he fell into a coma on Saturday and died from heart failure on Sunday. He was only 52.

I remember being in grade school and having a huge crush on Superman. At that time I didn't separate an actor from his role, so to me Christopher Reeve was also Superman. They were one in the same. I always promised to grow up and marry Superman.

I wonder how I would have taken his death had he died in the 80's. I can't imagine my parents trying to console me by explaining the very complicated fact that Christopher Reeve is an actor who plays the roles of Clark Kent and Superman. When the actor dies, it does not mean the character dies. Even as an adult, that is hard to come to terms with because in my eyes, Christopher Reeve was the only actor who could play that role so believably.

He even showed super-hero strength and stamina with his unprecedented accomplishments with his doing things that other spinal cord injury victims had not been able to do. He became a living hope for other paralysis victims in their fight to regain control of their bodies and limbs. He may not have really been Superman from the movies, but he certainly showed a lot of Superman's traits the last 9 years he had endured life as a spinal cord victim.

My prayers go out to Christopher's family and friends.

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Weekend Worry-Free!

It is Sunday and I am relaxing after a very hectic day yesterday. It all started Friday night when dh and I went to see "The Forgotten" at the movie theatre. (Good movie, by the way.) Then dh went out with a friend to go play some pool at the local bars. I stayed home with the animals and tried to sleep. Unfortunately for me, I was not that tired and I wasn't feeling well. I will spare you the details but let's just say I was getting up to use the restroom every few minutes. Then when I was finally able to go to sleep, I woke up around 2 AM and dh still wasn't home yet. I called him to find out what the heck was going on. He was at his friend's house chatting up a storm. 45 min later he shows up. By then I had been sleeping on and off for the last 2 hours.

We all went to bed and 6:30 am the alarm goes off because at 7 am I was to go to a friend's house to get my hair braided. From 7am to noon I sat in one place getting my hair done. Noon comes around, finally and dh picks me up. From there we go to the local Ren Fest which is about a 20 min drive or so depending on traffic. We walk around the Festival for about 2 hours then we head home. (I had one heart-stopping moment when we first arrived at Ren Fest, I saw an ex-friend of mine that I haven't laid eyes on for 2 years. It was very weird. No words were exchanged but you could have cut the tension with a knife. Dh and I walked the opposite way and the whole time I was there I was hoping I didn't bump into her again.)

After the 2 hours of taking in the sites, sounds, and tastes of the Ren Fest, we drove back home and instead of taking a nap like I had planned, we stayed up and watched tv, went to eat and just hung out. I was so exhausted that I went to bed around 9pm.

That brings me to today, I've had a nice day of shopping, reading, surfing the web, and doing some light cleaning. Now if only I can make it til next weekend.

I wonder how Martha Stewart's weekend went? Martha Stewart

A side note: My nose is in two books that you can see the titles to if you follow the "Book I am Reading" link on the upper right-hand side of this entry.

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Friday, October 08, 2004

Can You Please Pass Me The Therapy?

I really need to either let things go or deal with them straight on. I have a friend who I seem to always butt heads with. It is not that she is always right and I am always wrong or vice versa. It is that we think totally differently so I have opinions that don't mesh well with hers. We even view the same situation in a totally different way.

I enjoy having friends who can put a different spin on something for me because that helps me to open my mind and think "outside the box" about things. But it can get frustrating when communication with my friend fails because we don't think the same way at all.

We don't fight, we don't shout or anything. But we do disagree a lot and sometimes that leads to disagreements. We never leave angry with each other, just annoyed I think. And since I have this awful sensitivity issue, I always feel the need to apologize to her when I think I have made her irritated. Those days when I have done nothing at all and she still seems irritated with me, I don't apologize to her but I run to a very good friend of mine for some consoling.

Usually though, 9 times out of 10 when I think I have annoyed her, I really didn't. I will apologize profusely for something and she will just tell me to let it go because it didn't bother her. Maybe I worry too much about offending people. I am a natural people-pleaser and I worry that if I offend someone that they won't tell me (unless it is bad because then I find out then and there).

I am just sensitive about this because I have some family members who like to keep things bottled up and they stew in it for about a year or so then out of the blue they like to hit you with the fact that you pissed them off a year ago. Passive-Aggressive, is that what it's called? So because of that, I feel that everyone does that. I try to get it out of the way right after it happens so that I don't get hit with it months or even years later. That causes me to apologize a lot, confront issues with people that wind up not even being an issue to them at all, and overall, it causes me grief and headaches.

I Am Tired List Of List:

I am tired of caring what other ppl think about me.
I am tired of apologizing just to keep things civil.
I am tired of being so damned sensitive.
I am tired of caring so much about ppl that don't care that much about me.
I am tired of losing sleep over disagreements that get messy.
I am tired of trying not to care, because I always still do.
I am tired of thinking of others before myself. Even to people who aren't even close to me.

I Need List:

I need to let things go.
I need to stop worrying so much.
I need to not care so much about what others think.
I need to learn to take care of my first and others later.
I need to get help soon because I am about to have a nervous breakdown if this stress doesn't let up.

I need therapy. *sigh*

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

If You Are Stressed, Raise Your Hand

I am a constant worrier. I have always been that way and it surprises me that I have never had an ulcer. But I am sure one is not too far off, especially when I start having children.

Stress whether they are good or bad stressors can have a negative effect on my body and mind. I get irritable, stomachaches (not ulcers), headaches, insomnia, and I lose focus.

Well, today I am especially feeling all of these. My list of stressors range from fun things to dreaded duties: Call a friend I keep not calling, call another friend who I promised we would see back in April, get my hair braided this weekend hopefully, go to the Ren Fest on Saturday with hubby, pay bills, find a weekend to go visit my parents who are waiting patiently for me to visit, get over the fact that one of my friends has been giving me silent grief even though she doesn't know it, get the house cleaned before Friday night, keep up with all my online activities (blog, message board, other forums, my responsibilities, ect), lose weight before Summer 2005, save money for the BIG move to NJ, and a host of other things.

Did I give you a headache naming all that ails me? Sympathize with me, for crying out loud! I need a shoulder to cry and sleep on. I am tired thinking about all of the things I need to do.
And this is life before kids...Tell me again why I should have kids one day?

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Dreaming of Shaving - TMI Entry, Read At Your Own Risk

Another note: I am not sure why some of the words in my entry are linked to some advertiser, but it appears has started this. Just know that I had nothing to do with these words being linked. I just tried changing the wording so that the links disappear but they haven't.

As most women know and some men have heard, some women get a little behind in their leg/underarm shaving chores when the weather gets cold. The reason is mostly because unless you are dating and having one-nightstands, or unless you wear skirts, there is little reason to shave every day in the winter.

The summertime is different because people where shorts, swim suits, t-shirts, ect. So that requires a frequent upkeep of shaving and making sure your legs and underarms are smooth.

It is getting cold where I live. I have taken out of my closet a light jacket which I washed with last weekend's laundry. I have put away my sandals and will be wearing my sneakers until next spring. And I have greatly slacked in shaving.

Then the other night, I had a nightmare where it was the end of summer and my dh and I wanted to head out to a waterpark right on the beach (by the way, we live in the mid-west so the dream must have been about NJ where we vacationed this summer). We had other things to get done so we agreed to meet at the boardwalk in our swim gear at a certain time. We checked the clock and it was the middle of the afternoon. So off we went.

I first stopped off at a warehouse store which was having an end-of-summer sale on knock-off perfumes for really cheap. I looked around for a few minutes, made a purchase of 3 perfumes for $6. (Yes I remember these sorts of details in my dreams)

When I left it was still afternoon so I went home and realized I HAD to shave my legs because for some reason I had let it go for way to long. My legs looked like I hadn't ever seen a razor!! So I set off to shave. After I was finished shaving, I got my swim suit on, grabbed a towel and headed to the beach.Unfortunately when I left the house the moon was high in the sky and the stars were shining. It was about 11pm according to my watch. I freaked out and freaked out some more that it took me ALL day long to shave my legs!

Needless to say this was all a dream/nightmare. It prompted me to really look at my legs and determine I really do need to shave. So last night I did my womanly duty to society and I shaved my legs. Now I feel better and hopefully the nightmare I had that night will not return. It was obviously my brain telling me that if I hold off on shaving any longer, it will take me hours and hours to get the job done when I finally decide to do it.

Sometimes I hate being a woman. *grumble*

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Friday, October 01, 2004

I Vant To Suck Your Blooooooood! *ewwwwwww*

I am ashamed to say this, but I have no earthly idea what my blood-type is. As a matter of fact I don't know anyone's blood type (husband, mother, father, siblings, ect).

This came up because a friend and I were emailing each other about blood types. She wanted to know if it is unusal for her whole immediate family to have the same exact blood-type. Of course, I had to direct her to another friend of ours who would know such things since I do not. And as things would have it, my other friend also knows her family's blood-types including her own. (For the curious, no, it is not unusual. Both of their families have A+ blood)

Am I the only one around here who has no idea what my blood-type is?

I've been curious for years, but I never think about it when I make appts to my doctor. I've asked my parents and they don't know my blood-type either. They did at one time, but since it does not come up in normal conversation, they have forgotten. Also, they do have two other children to think of besides myself. So even if they told me what they think my blood-type is, they could be confusing me with one of my siblings.
Maybe one day I will find out. I bet I find out when I become pregnant and have to give blood all the damned time. ;)

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