Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Disney Toontown!

I am completely immersed in this online game. (Links will be available at the end of this entry) For those who have no idea what this game is lemme try to explain:

It is generally a kid's version of RPGs (role playing games). You pick a cartoon character, decide how they look in regards to height, weight, clothing, color, ect. From there you are sent to an online world where other game players are playing their characters in real time like you!

The point of the game is to complete missions in order to raise your hitpoints (in this game they are called Laff points) and your character's overall level. You also work missions to earn bigger and badder weapons. The missions call for you to fight what are known as Cogs. They are robotic businessmen and women (Lawbots, Sellbots, Cashbots, ect) who are anti-fun and are trying to take over Toontown.

For those who are not too keen on fighting, there are areas called The Trolley in which you can play games either by yourself or with a group to earn Jellybeans. Jellybeans are the Toontown currency. With them you can buy clothes, a pet, and furnishings for your house (Yes, you get a house!), weapons, and even phrases for your character to say.

That brings me to chatting. Because this game was originally designed for children, they wanted to make it as safe as they could. So there are only two ways to communicate with the other game players. The first way is what they call "Speed chat". You have a selection of phrases that you select from. As I said before, you can buy more phrases with the Jellybeans you earn. The second way to chat and the only way to type in your own words is thru a system called "Secret Friend". The only way to get a SF is to have a way of meeting offline and agree on a password. Then you both have to type that password when you log onto the game. This way, you are not able to become SFs with a complete stranger that you meet in the game. There is no way to give out your email, ph# or anything as long as you are playing the game.

Cost: You can do it one of two ways. You can purchase Toontown cards (like phone cards) at your local retailer for $10 a pop. That card lasts for 30 days. Or you can have $10 a month taken from your CC for a continuous game play.

I made the mistake of buying the cards. Then I went on vacation and did not buy a new card for a month or so. By the time I got around to buying one, my toon had been taken off the database for non-use. So I had to start all over again with a new toon. Now I subscribe monthly. It sucks having to start all over from the very beginning.

If you would like a free 3 day trial go here:
Free Trial

You can also sign up for the subscription there as well.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

Finances R Us

Things have a way of working out. Espcially financial issues. Saturday dh found a loophole while doing our bills and found one we could put off until next payday without penalty! So we had a little bit of spending money for the weekend. We were heading to a British goods store downtown when we got a call from a couple who are friends of ours. They happened to be in that exact store and were calling to see if we wanted to have lunch with them. We told them to wait there because we had some shopping to do at that store then we all headed to a restaurant to eat and watch some of the college football game that was on tv.

It was a nice weekend even though I didn't get anything done around the house. I managed to vacuum the living room but I have yet to do anything else. Dh got some laundry done so the weekend wasn't totally shot to hell. :P
Also, I got some great news from work. Looks like I was getting shorted some pay for the past 9 months or so. Because of that I am getting a large retro paycheck and my hourly wage has been bumped up by .40 cents!! I guess God answered my prayers about making all of our bills for next payday and still having money to play with. Now it will also be a little easier for us to save money for our move too. I just need to keep focused and work overtime when it is offered, cut down on some spending, and keep my hands out of the savings account. Sounds easier than it looks. *grumble*

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Friday, September 24, 2004

I'm Broke!

Again. Since dh and I missed 16 hours of work between the two of us last week, our paycheck today was so small it is not even worth mentioning. We are so broke that plans have changed yet again:

Friday: No celebrating with a friend for her birthday. Not even dinner or clubbing. Nothing, nada, zip.

Saturday: Our employer opened up Saturday for overtime for the first time in a couple of months. So we are going to work in the AM and sit around the house for the remainder of the weekend.

I had to email the birthday girl to let her know that we won't be able to make it tonight because of our finances, or lack thereof. I feel bad because her and I have already had a serious discussion about me backing out of plans and never hanging out with her. I just hope she doesn't think that I am yet again backing out of plans because I don't want to hang out with her. I am honestly, truly broke. We are $120 short of making all of our bills. That is how broke we are. So even a drink at a bar is too expensive for us right now.
The only thing I can do is hope and pray she believes me and that she doesn't feel let down by this on her birthday. I feel terrible.

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Oops! Change Of Plans.

How my weekend was planned to go:

Friday: Celebrate a friend's birthday by going out to a bar/club

Saturday: Get my hair braided and then go out to dinner with the hubby

How my weekend plans changed yesterday:

Friday: Celebrate a friend's birthday by going out to a bar/club

Saturday: Cancel braiding and go to art show with some friends in the evening, maybe dinner too.

How my weekend plans changed today:

Friday: Celebrate a friend's birthday by going to dinner and heading home while the rest of the group goes out clubbing.

Saturday: No braids, No art show, No dinner. Just stay home and veg out.

How my weekend plans will most likely go:

Friday: Celebrate a friend's birthday by going to dinner and heading home while the rest of the group goes out clubbing.

Saturday: No braid, No art show, but dinner and a movie out of sheer boredom.

Stay tuned to see how my weekend plans will definitly pan out!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

To-Do Lists

I have to make a moving to-do list. Less than one year before we move and I really need to start a to-do list so that we can get things running smoothly. I need to find a new insurance company, get packing boxes, see if I can transfer cell phone companies or keep the current one, get DMV paperwork, ect. The list goes on and on.

Time flies when you need it to slow down and this is going to be a very quick 10 months.

On to other news: My mother-in-law sent more baby/kid pics of my dh! (From here on dh means "dear husband") Now I have more cutie pie pics to add to my collection. My dh was the most adorable kid. Every time I see a pic of him as a child I just wanna kiss his cute forhead. *hee hee*

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Juicy, Juicy Gossip!

Gossip isn't my thing anymore. I used to thrive on it like everyone else but it seemed the more involved I was the more drama that surfaced. Then I noticed that once I stopped participating in gossip, I was usually not in the middle of any drama. This was true both in my personal life and my professional life. So I started making an effort to stay out of the gossip circles. I wouldn't mind hearing it but I would never pass it on and very rarely would I actively seek it out. If a friend wanted to tell me some "juice" about someone else, I would listen but other than that I stay neutral to it and I never turned around and told someone else what I had heard. That worked more than once to keep me out of messy situations.

Every now and then though, I find myself knee deep in gossip again. But I do notice a pattern. The gossip I am involved in concerns a very good friend of mine who was treated unfairly by a co-worker of ours. Because of this, it has sparked some tension between my group and the "bad" person's group. It has risen to the point of highschool tactics and unfortunately I am on the edges of this cesspool. It is very hard to not be a part of it when a friend is deeply involved. So now the four of us (my hang-out group at work) are whispering and emailing non-stop about the drama that is unfolding.

My angelic side is not enjoying any of this drama. I come to work to do my job, get paid, and go home. I left highschool 9 years ago and would not like to re-live any part of it including the immaturity of gossip.

But the devil in me is thoroughly enjoying the gossip, passing on new info to the rest of the Fab Four (my hang-out group at work, remember?), and the breaking of the monotony of the daily grind with juicy emails and engaging whispers at breaktime about the drama unfolding. The devil inside knows it is all bad and loves every jaw-dropping, eye-rolling part of it.

So what is a girl to do? I know! I will swear to retire of gossip once again when this is all over. I am like Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson. I retire, come back, retire, come back and retire again. I guess that is what all of us great ones do. *shrug*

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

What Smells Like Ass?

My work smells like ass. I'm serious! There is something in the vents that is so rank that our facitilies department was called in to investigate. Usually is something crawls in and dies, you don't start smelling it until it starts to decay. So it is a gradual smell. This one just hit in the last couple of hours. And it doesn't smell like a dead animal, it smells like ass.

So now I can proudly say, MY WORK SMELLS LIKE ASS because at times, IT IS ASS! *hee hee*

I wonder if some disgruntled employee (not myself or anyone I know, for the record) decided to put their dirty, tire-tracked undies in the vents on their last day of work. I wouldn't blame them. I hear some of the departments in this place run like the Gestapo. The turn-over rate in some of the departments here are so crazy that they have mass hirings every few months! I'm just lucky that even the issues I am having in my department, they are not even near as bad as the other departments in this Hell Hole errr I mean Ass Hole because my work smells like ass.

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Monday, September 13, 2004

Surreal Life-My Opinions

I am happily on the VH1 Surreal Life message boards giving everyone my opinion about the personalities on this season's Surreal Life.

Here is my quick run-down of my opinions about this season's cast for anyone who cares:

  • Jordan Knight-Former New Kids On The Block member: A sleaze ball, jerk who is trying to get Ryan Starr (a female) to go to bed with him even though he has a girlfriend.
  • Ryan Starr-American Idol Season I contestant: She is a sweetie who is also very conservative. She shies away from talk about sex and cringes when people start getting naked in front of her. Even though she is a little uptight about sex, she has every right to be and I say more power to her!!
  • Charo-Actress: A little weird, but she is a sweetheart. She is not your typical grandma figure, but that is cool that she is so different. Definitly a free-spirit.
  • Flavor Flav-Rap Star: He can be harsh and is most times pretty rude. I thought I would like him but the more I watch him the more I dislike him. He can be selfish, rough, and too flirty to the gals. He strikes me as someone who is not really acting himself. He is in his 40's but he tries to act like he is 21 again. Seems fake to me.
  • Brigitte Nielsen-Former Model and Actress: Used to be married to Sylvester Stallone and that seems odd to me. She is so wild! She blames all of her odd personality traits on the fact that she is European. I don't buy it. I wonder if she is sober most of the time anyways. She enjoys getting naked and flirting heavily with Flavor Flav. Those two are made for each other.
  • Dave Coulier -Actor from Full House: Very laid-back, friendly, and quiet. I thought he was going to be a ham but he has surprised me by being so normal! He has a tendancy to be hypocritical (he scoffed at Jordan's comment about wanting to be in the hot tub with the Olsen Twins but yet Dave himself is reported to have dated Alanis when she was only 15 and he in his 30's).
  • The Puppy-A Canine: The cutest thing on the show!

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Buy A House Or Bust!

I am dying to buy a house. Sick of renting and wanting to have my own home with a back yard of my own seems very nice now. At the present time, we are renting a 2-floor, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, 2 car garage, townhome with a nice backyard. But we don't own it.

We have come a long way from our teeny tiny one bedroom apartment in college student hell. For that I am grateful, but it is time to upgrade. We've been in this townhome for the past 4 years.

We plan to move to New Jersey next summer so based on how our income changes there, I am hoping to buy a home within the next five years.

The problem: You knew this was coming...

Our credit needs some fixing. It is much better than it was in the past, but it is still not where it needs to be. Also, we are barely hanging on with our monthly bills. We live paycheck to paycheck and because of that we have no savings.

I am looking at places that provide cheap or free debt counseling. Especially those that focus on future homeowner counseling. My plan is to get us on the right track as soon as possible. The sooner we start the easier it will be for us to buy a home in a few years. We might be able to buy a home sooner than we are planning if we do everything right!

Also, if we start the credit counseling now, it will make moving to Jersey easier on us as well. Especially now that we don't have much overtime offered these days so that makes saving money very difficult.

Carpe Diem!!

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Friday, September 10, 2004

Fishy Friday

I get to leave work early today!! YAY! I asked off to leave 2.5 hours early for today and it was approved last week. It is payday and so I will be spending the majority of that free time paying bills and shopping for food. Hopefully there will be extra cash for a nice dinner out and some wine or something. I am really craving some fish these days. I usually prefer shellfish, but this time I am wanting some filet. Catfish, cod, trout or something.

Nothing planned for the weekend so I guess it will be internet, tv, and books this weekend. Also some cleaning.

I just applied to be an editor for a couple of shows on tvtome.com and I applied to be editor for the movie "Identity" on movietome.com. I hope I get approved. It sounds fun to be able to maintain webpages for my favorite tv shows and movie. Oh yeah, and I applied to be the editor for the Amanda Peet page as well. It takes a few days for approval so I will keep you informed.

Speaking of entertainment, I have started reading a new book. You can see what it is by clicking the Book I Am Reading link on the upper right corner of the page.

Happy Weekend!

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

And the Hostess of the Year Goes To....

There was a snack my mom used to buy for herself when I was growing up that I used to get bites of and I loved them. After she realized how much I loved them she started buying them for me too. Hostess Sno Balls. Those things are great!! And it never fails, everytime I buy them they remind me of my mom. I wonder if she still buys them for herself now.

For those who are wondering what the heck a Sno Ball is, lemme give you the description off the package:

"Coconut & marshmallow covered chocolate cake with creamy filling"

The only way I can describe the taste is to say it is a spongy, flaky (because of the coconut), sweet and chocolatey fiesta in my mouth when I take a bite. Yummmmmmmy.

I never see commercials about them and I guess that is because they have been around for so long that Hostess expects everyone to know what they are. I think they have a cult following of sorts. Not too many of my friends eat them and actually most of them have never even tried them even though they have seen the packages in stores in and vending machines. One of those things you have always seen but have never tried.

There is a show on the Food Network (I think), that shows how our favorite cookies, candies, and salty treats are made. I wonder if Hostess Sno Balls have been featured. I need to start watching that show more often. I only catch it once in a great while. I try not to watch too much because I have a tendancy to run out and buy the products they feature because they look so good while they are being made. Once they showed how Twinkies were made. So even though I have tasted many a Twinkie in my lifetime, I still felt the overwhelming urge to go out and buy a box. That is exactly what I did some days after the show aired. I tell you, I am every marketer's dream.

Speaking of marketing, I feel as if Hostess should give me some credit for being their unofficial spokeswoman today. I mean I can't tell you how much this entry reminds me of an infomercial. Not just any infomercial mind you. An infomercial about those sweet, delicious treats we like to call Hostess Sno Balls.

*To Hostess: I accept cash, coupons for free products, or a direct deposit to my checking account as payment.* Just kidding. :P

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

New DVD, New Hair-Do

I got the movie, "Identity"! I am totally addicted to this movie. It is a typical "whodunit" sort of movie but with a twist. The twist I don't care for, but I can overlook that. Identity stars John Cusack, Ray Liotta, and Amanda Peet. I usually don't care too much for John Cusack, but his character in this movie is just amazing. I fell in total love with this character.
Now I don't have to keep checking my digital cable listings every day to see when the next time Identity is showing. I can watch it anytime I want! Yay!

Apart from my excitement about my new DVD, I am really looking forward to this weekend if I have some extra cash after paying bills. Instead of wearing my hair in cute afro-puffs, I've been wearing my dull, boring bun until I can get my hair braided in two weeks. I am too young and vibrant to be walking around with an "old-lady-librarian" type do. (No offense to old ladies, librarians, or old lady librarians) So, if the money gods smile on me this weekend, I am hoping to buy a cute hair extension ponytail over the bun. Revlon makes some cute ones and I know just the place that sells them. I have one that I bought a few years ago, but it keeps coming undone and nothing is more embarressing then fake hair falling out. Think of those funny wig scenes in movies where a woman's wig comes off and her real hair is revealed in a short, boring, bun underneath what used to be long, flowing, gorgeous locks. I am trying to avoid that type of scene, so I need to buy one that will stay securely over my own hair.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Ahhh Yeahhhh

Labor Day weekend was nice! Everything I wanted it to be. Saturday was spent reading, watching tv and vegging out, Sunday we had a small BBQ with some friends, Monday was spent literally watching tv all day. I watched part of the Seinfeld marathon and most of the CSI marathon.

It was nice to be able to relax like that. We need more three-day weekends!!

Song of the day: Holiday-Madonna

"It's time for the good timesForget about the bad times, oh yeahOne day to come togetherTo release the pressureWe need a holiday"

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Ranting Just To Rant-I really gotta put some happy entries in here soon.

I will never live in a neighborhood where there is a neighborhood association. I've always thought it was wrong to tell people what they can and cannot do with the house that they own! One of the joys of owning your own home is to be able to decorate it any way you see fit. I have never owned my own home, but when I do, I expect to paint my house any color I wish. It is appaling that living in such a free country that there are neighborhoods which have strict rules governing color of paint, type of fencing, ect!

The main argument is that neighborhoods with rules about the cosmetics of the houses are safer and the property values are higher than those neighborhoods without rules. Well I say blah to all of that! I refuse to exchange higher property values for the freedom to pick any type of fencing that I want.

For those who live in such neighborhoods then good for you. Just so it doesn't become law to have to live like that, I won't throw a fit. At least there are still places I can purchase a home without worrying about neighborhood rules and regulations. Because we all know where they can stick those rules, don't we?

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