Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I talked to my sister and we wound up talking about everything. The things I brought up in my email to her we talked about. She even explained why she hasn't been talking to me very much recently. So we smoothed that over and we were able to get some things out in the open. It just bothers me that instead of talking to me about it before, it had to come to this. She lets things build until someone screams and then she'll admit she let something bother her for a while.

At least that worked out. Big Hug

And not getting that time off on Friday worked out too. While I still can't get any time off on Friday, my husband and I were able to get the next Friday. So we'll be leaving half day on the 10th so yay!

Things have a way of working themselves out just when you're about to burst from the pressure. And I didn't shed one tear through any of that! I was tempted and was close a few times, but I stayed my ground! That is a big deal for me because I used to cry at the drop of a hat. I cried over everything, I was a mess. *lol*

Hugs And Kisses

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Monday, August 30, 2004

Shit, Crap, Fuck! Warning: Bad Language Ahead
I am having one of those days/weeks and it is only Monday. It starts with the fact that my husband and I both asked off for half day for Friday. When we asked, his supervisor approved him but my supervisor was on vacation that day so I waited until this morning. Well now my supervisor is gone again today so I asked our manager for approval. He denied me because there are already too many people that are going to be gone on Friday. So now my husband gets to go home half day on Friday and I have to stay in this shit hole for the whole day. That really pisses me off. If I didn't need the money so badly, I would just call in for the whole day on Friday as a way of saying "Fuck You" to the system. But it would fuck me in the process since I need that money for bills.

Another issue this week is that my sister and her family have decided out of the blue pretty much, to visit my parents this week. My parents live an hour away from me. Well instead of my sister calling to tell me this news, I have to hear it from my parents. Now I can't take off any time to go up there to see them and that pisses me off. She couldn't have the decency to let me know that she is coming up to visit. It's sort of like she doesn't want me to know. She lives two states away and we only see each other about once a year. Since I am moving to NJ next summer, this will be the last time we’ll see each other for God knows how long. So I emailed her this morning telling her how much that hurt me. I also brought up some other things she has done throughout the year that has really hurt me. It's time to let it all out. She will not get that email until she gets back home on Thursday unless she checks her email at my parents' house. I know I will probably speak to her on the phone before then, but I'll be sure to warn her about the email on the phone so that it does not come to a big surprise to her when she sees it.

Needless to say, my week is starting off as bad as can be for me right now. I predicted this crap yesterday when I wrote my entry about not wanting to come to work this week. Or was this a self-filling profecey?

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Help Needed-Looking For A Vacation!

Not looking forward to work tomorrow or next week. I'm just tired. Tired of working, tired of trying to lose weight that won't come off, tired of all the day to day crap. I need a vacation. I know I just got back from one in July, but I need a true vacation. A week to just walk around in my PJs and not have to worry about guests in my home or being a guest in someone else's home. I just need to lay around the house and enjoy laziness for a week.

Anyone up for that? Hammock

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Every now and then I need to step outside of myself and look at my physical appearance and make a change. What happens is that I get too complacent and that brings about frumpiness and that in turn brings on low self-esteem. At those times I look at myself and decide to freshen up. I give myself a facial scrub, a nice hot relaxing bath with oils and beads, I get a fresh hair do (in my case fresh braids), and I get my eyebrows waxed. Then for the next couple of weeks I look nice and feel nice. If I have extra money I might go out and buy a nice outfit to break of the monotony of my usual jeans and t-shirt ensembles.
Well, it is back again. I have gotten frumy and self-conscious. It is time for a re-vamp. Though I am broke, but I have to make do with what I have. So here is my game plan for this weekend:
Take my old braids out, condition and semi-straighten my hair, put them in my afro-puffs that I wear between braids, give myself a nice facial, take a hot bath with that new fizz ball I bought (flower scented!), paint my nails, and dig through my closet for some decent outfits (will be mostly jeans but at least I can wear nice shirts with them instead of my husband’s t-shirts I am always wearing).
When I get more money I will get my hair braided and get my brows waxed.
I would call this my personal spring cleaning, but this sort of thing happens much more often then "spring cleaning". I get into this mode every couple of months or so. I am not vain and this is not totally about my looks. But I find that to boost my esteem and feel better about myself, special personal grooming (more than my daily shower and such) is a start. Then from there I work on myself internally. I would recommend this to anyone who is starting to feel "frumpy" or down on themselves. It works wonders!

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Monday, August 23, 2004

This was a nice relaxing weekend. And I still got some chores done! The chore of laundry on my To Do list on Friday is only half done. The clothes are mostly all washed, but they have yet to make it to the clothes hangars in the closet. But I did clean the living room and wash the dishes!

I also got a lot done online. I updated a website of mine that was in desperate need of a new background on the entrance page and better HTML for the links.

And I spent a lot of time online catching up on posts at forums and also keeping my own forum going. You can visit the forum called The Book Nook by following the link on the upper right corner of the page.

Another thing I got done this weekend was to complete my online resume. I am registered at Monster.com and I have completed my resume and have started trying to network with others in my field. I am hoping to find a job in south Jersey when I move if I cannot make my eBay idea take off. Hopefully though, my husband can make enough money in his new job so that I can stay home during the day and work on getting my degree. But that is up in the air for now. In the meantime, I might as well be looking for a job.

So I come into a new week with some sense of relief that I was able to get so much done this weekend. And this weekend was still very very relaxing!

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Friday, August 20, 2004

To-Do List For The Weekend

Laundry-wash, fold, put away (Out of laziness, I have been known to just do the wash and we live out of the hampers for a week or two)

Light cleaning-vacuuming, dusting, ect

Relaxing! (This one should not be a problem)

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

We Are All Onions

People have layers. We are all like onions. Our grandparents think we are sweet and innocent, our parents think we are hard workers and mature, our friends think we are wild and daring, our spouses think we are loving and at times hard to live with, our employers think we have room for improvement and room to grow, and our co-workers think we are professional and good at our jobs. Most of these traits are in total conflict with some of the other traits. But who are we really?

Case in point, I work with a man who to all of his co-workers and subordinants, he is immature, a kiss-up, and lazy. It seems though that his bosses think of him as mature, professional and a hard worker. Then getting snippets of his home life from him it sounds as though he is a good father and a good husband. I've heard him on the phone to his wife telling her what a hard day he's had at work even though she has no idea that he spend the majority of the day goofing off, taking several more breaks then we are allowed, and basically shooting the breeze all day.

This is scary to me! I like to think I am basically the same in all of my personal and professional lives. Though I am quieter and kept more to myself at work, but I am still the same. If you knew me outside of work you would still know me at work. I know this because I have a few close friends who I work with. Even my friends seem to be the same inside work and out. But there is a side to me that my co-workers and my friends don't know too much about me. I can be very goofy at home. I like making funny voices and I joke a lot. My husband and I laugh all the time at home. He sees my goofy side while no one else does.

What is the point here? I don't know! I just wanted to make this observation about what I've been noticing about people. I understand and embrace the fact that we all have layers, but there are some people (the man I work with cited above) who seem to have more layers than is necessary and right. Those are the people I try to stay far away from. I've known a couple of people like that and they both burned me bad with their lies and deceit. You cannot be two different people. It never works and as we have all seen in the Hacking case, it can come back and bite you in the ass.

Moral of this tale: Be yourself as much as you can. If that is hard to do, take up a D&D type game, write a fictional blog or journal, or immerse yourself in a good old fashioned book. These are great things that allow you to imagine yourself as someone else without having to lie to your friends, family and co-workers. When I am feeling down about myself I love playing RPG (role-playing-games) on the computer for hours. It helps me escape my life without hurting the feelings of those around me. Then after getting a "vacation" from my life, I come back with renewed hope and inspiration!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Old Friends, New Lives

I have been reconnecting with a former classmate from highschool. We have always had each other's email addresses, but it has only been the last couple of weeks that we have actually chatted for any length of time.

Our 10-year highschool reunion is coming up May 2005 and we are talking about us all getting together. Highschool was the worst four years of my life, but I have decided to go just to see her. The last time I saw her was right after we graduated from our highschool.

It just feels nice to reconnect. We were friendly in highschool, but we weren't really hang-out friends. She had her group and I had mine so we never have actually chatted. I have always envied her personality, her beauty and her life. So it is really meaningful to me that she would like to hang out with me when she comes to visit.

I have heard many stories of people not changing much after highschool. The snobbies are still snobby, the outcasts are still outcasts, ect. For my personal experience, it seem to be pretty much right, except in this case.

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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Diary Dear Diary

I used to have another diary on another website a couple of years ago. I forgot about it until now. I didn't add very many entries to it, but what I did have I re-read. I love going back reading entries from years ago. It really brings back the emotions. I copied all of the entries and will share them here. It will make this a very lengthy entry but there are several days worth in here so be patient:

Fri Jan 25, 2002

1:18 PM EST


Listening to Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason has gotten me in the mood to start a diary!I have done it before, but never online. This should be fun! Yipppeeee!Well, I am at work now, and really need to be getting back to it...I hope the boss isn't peeking around the corner now. *giggle*Bye for now!

Fri Jan 25, 2002

2:36 PM EST

"Damn Co-Workers!"

Arghhhh!!!! I cannot stand this!One of my lovely co-workers had asked me to do something for her yesterday because she wasn't "focusing" and didn't feel like doing it. After telling her that she should NOT make a habit of this and that I will do it for her this ONE time I come in today to discover that my favor is going to be more work than I initally thought! I thought what she asked me to do would take a minute or so to complete, but then after reading the form more closely I realize she is asking me to do something that will take me at least 5 minutes to do! 5 minutes in a span of 24 hours is NOT a lot of time, but when I have a whole desk of work that I need to do, spending five minutes on a project as a favor to someone else is maddening! I am sooooo angry now. She conviently is not here today and I won't see her until Tuesday unless she comes in for overtime tomorrow. I want to give her a piece of my mind so badly right now!ARGHHHHHHHHHHH! *steamed*

Sat Jan 26, 2002

10:48 AM EST


Well here I am at work on a Saturday morning doing much needed overtime. But I also want some much needed sleep too. *groan*I have two cornish hens defrosted at home for dinner for my hubby and I, but I am having the worst craving for it now!! I think I will cook them for lunch instead. I am only working 6 hours today so I will be home by 2 PM Central Time. Yipppeeee! I am trying to get pregnant now so I hope this odd craving is a symtom. I usually would rather beef over chicken and I VERY rarely get an urge for the stuff, but my craving is outrageous now. Cross all fingers, toes, and eyes that I am preggos! &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&Well, I better get off here before xxxxxxx *my hubby* comes by for our break. Bye for now!

Sat Jan 26, 2002

12:55 PM EST

"Not Pregnant...."

*sigh* I am too moody to be pregnant. I think AF is coming real soon. I mean, I tried to talk xxxxx into leaving work now instead of at 2 and he doesn't want to. He told me that I could go when I pleased just so I came back to pick him up. I just don't feel like driving all the way back here to come get him in a couple of hours. So, while walking back to my desk pouting I almost burst into tears. I wanna go home now!! I am sooooo emotional. I just know AF is around the corner. Fucking bitch!Oh well. You win some, you lose some. At least I have a job, eh? There are thousands or even millions of homeless people who would die to have my job and here I am almost crying cuz I don't want to work anymore overtime today. *grrrrrrrr*

Sun Jan 27, 2002

6:18 PM EST


I know I am near AF now, especially since xxxxx and I got into one of the worst fights we have been in for a long time. All over the stupid tax filing. Since we just got married in June, this is our first year filing as a married couple. We decided it would be best to file on our own instead of using H&R Block since they charge soooooo much money. Well, we wanted to see what would bring in more money to us this year....filing married/jointly or married/seperatly. So, there I was with an armfull of different forms trying to do our taxes. I stumbled across a problem *math is NOT my strong suit* and went to xxxx for clarification. I was already pissy since I think AF is on her way, and xxxx was in the middle of an online card game so he was pretty touchy too. Well, after he accused me of calculating some figures incorrectly I went off and had me a nice big temper tantrum which ended with me pulling the plug for the internet so he lost his online card game. After an hour of screaming, slamming doors, ripping paper, and getting into each other's faces we both discovered that he was right and I was wrong. I felt bad so we did the apologies and kissed/hugged and went to bed. Today I decided to try it again, this time without the emotional outbursts of the day before. So, I sat down and did all forms. We found out that filing married/jointly will get us a bigger refund ($1,909) than filing married/seperate ($1,905). Not much of a difference but hey, four dollars more from the government is not anything to shoo away. ;-)So, we thought we could get this all done faster by filing online, but I just discovered that we will have to pay a fee since we make too much money to file free. I can't do Telefile since we are not using the EZ form this year. So now I must go downstairs and discuss other options with xxxxx. I am thinking to just snail-mail the form and have them send our refund through direct deposit. But we may decide to send it express mail or something instead. *whew* But I am glad the worst of it is over. They weren't kidding when they say the number one argument starter is MONEY in a relationship. *lol*

Mon Jan 28, 2002

10:35 AM EST


This week is the week of trip planning for gambling!I am getting friends and some family ready for our short trip to xxxxx *we only live 45 min away* for some casino gambling this Saturday. Also, xxxxx and I decided to take our tax refund and fly to Vegas for a much needed vacation this Spring. We have wanted to go to Vegas for years, but just never had the chance to. This year we are DEFINITLY going. I am V excited about this!So, I am spending my day off from work today by researching prices online. Yipppeeeee!Now let's hope that all of this fun gambling will either get us a nice win or at least break even. *giggle*

Tue Jan 29, 2002

10:17 AM EST


I am getting V excited about this trip every day!xxxx and I are now down to two choices for our vacation package. We would stay at the Stratosphere for three nights. The plane tix and ground transport to and from the airport to our hotel will cost between $695-707 depending on which package we choose. The only difference in these packages are which airline we take and where we connect. I am open to any airline and any connection location so we are going for the cheaper of the two.We were thinking about doing the package for $780 to stay at the Barbary Coast hotel, but decided on the Stratosphere for two reasons: 1. The strat is newer and bigger, 2. The strat package is cheaper even though the rooms are more expensive than the Barbary. But since we keep changing our minds based on online reviews on the two locations, this may change within the next few hours. *lol* I am soooooo excited!!!! I cannot wait for our tax refund to come so that I can reserve our tickets!Okay, back to work. Break has been over for a while now. *grin*

Tue Jan 29, 2002

7:01 PM EST

"The Las Vegas Hilton...Could This Be It?"

After hours of even MORE searching, changing dates, and making out a "budget" we have come across a package for the Las Vegas Hilton for a v nice price!!! This seems to be the site for us! I filed my tax return online a few hours ago and we are hoping to get our money in 1-2 weeks. That is, if my credit card went through. *eg* I'll cross my fingers on this.When we get the money, I plan on securing our hotel/air reservations for good. I am a little tiny bit bummed that we had to change our trip from April to May for the great deal we got for the Hilton package, but the good thing is our new date gives us even more time to work lots of overtime for more spending money. :-) I vowed to work Mondays (my usual day off) and Saturdays for some extra overtime money from this weekend until our trip. I can live with one day weekends for a couple of months. *pray for me here* Anyhoo, I am v excited about this whole thing. I hope everything goes as planned. If our package is not avail by the time I get the money to reserve it, we have some back up locations/hotels we are looking at. We prefer to be ON the Strip, but the Hilton isn't on it and it seems like a nice place to stay.So, if anyone is reading this and can assure me that the Hilton is a decent place to lay my head, please let me know. I appreciate any opinions of my choice in hotels. I want this to be a GREAT trip since it will not only be the Honeymoon my honey and I skipped last summer, but it will also celebrate our 1st year anniversary a month early. :-)

Wed Jan 30, 2002

7:40 PM EST

"Winter Weather"

There was an ice storm that started yesterday and continued all night long. xxxx and I woke up this morning to thick ice and some snow on the roads. So, being me, I called into work sick. I wasn't feeling that well anyways. xxxxx called in too.We sat around the house for a while. I was on and off the net still researching things about our trip. Chris called to tell us that our work was closed due to the weather and that a supervisor from xxxxx's department should be getting in touch with us about it. After xxxxx hung up he checked our voicemail and heard the message one of his bosses left saying that work is closed and whether we are expected to go in tomorrow is still being decided. We now have access to a hotline number to call tonight or tomorrow morning concerning our status. I am hoping I can get another day of rest at home. *crossing fingers and toes*Well, I emailed expedia and asked if there is a way for me to reserve my trip package before I can get the money to put down on it. I know their answer will be no, but it doesn't hurt to try right? I just hope that package doesn't run out before I have a chance to buy it in two weeks. Oh well. There is nothing I can do about that. It is in God's hands all the way. Well, I better go now. I am missing a good show on tv. :-)

Fri Feb 1, 2002

5:08 PM EST

"Choices, Choices."

Sheesh! Just when I thought our search for a package was over, I find a better deal with the Luxor! After hours of research, I find the Luxor to be much nicer and the location is pretty good. Soooooooooo. I guess it all comes down to what packages are still available to us when we get the money into our account. *sigh* This whole thing is becoming more work than fun. I just gotta be patient and let things fall into place. I am such a control freak sometimes. There is more bad news....this month is a wash for me. AF came today. So I am totally bummed out by that. I wanna be a mommy so bad! It doesn't help when everyone I know is either pregnant or just had their baby. ARGHHHH! It is so hard to be happy for someone when you want what they have so badly it hurts. Oh well. If I ever conceive than great, if I don't then I will need to keep myself occupied with other things. *sigh and sniffle*

Mon Feb 4, 2002

1:05 PM EST

"Wacky Weekend!"

This has been the longest, most wacky weekend I have had in a while.On Saturday after running lots of errands in a very short time, we had to drive about an hour or so away to meet two couples *friends of ours* at the Hotel/Casino in the city. When xxxx and I got there, we had to walk around for a good hour waiting for our friends to finally show up. Luckily when we found one couple, the other couple walked in a few minutes later. We had lots of fun gambling and eating at a semi-okay BBQ place. xxxxx and I stopped gambling when we were $48 ahead! Well I gotta go now...I will finish the story in a few minutes....Stay tuned.....

Mon Feb 4, 2002

1:53 PM EST

"Wacky Weekend Part II"

Okay, I am back...Here is the rest of the story...After a few hours at the casino, one of the couples decided to go on home for the night. So xxxxx and I and the other remaining couple decided to go to the arcade in the building for some fun. We spent about an hour or so in there playing like kids. After that time, we all decided to go to a nice bar downtown. Since xxxx and I do not know our way around the city, we were going to follow the other couple. We went to our car, got in, and turned the key. Nothing happened. We thought we had left the anti-left alarm on so we turned it off and tried again. Nothing happened. It was the damn starter AGAIN! Every three months or so our starter drains and we need to get a another one put in. Our mechanic does not know what is causing this. He hasn't charged us for the last three times this happened because the part was still under warrenty. So here we go again!Our friends took us home. Thank God they were still there. Now we need to pay a hundred dollars or so for the tow fee. It really sucks. Hopefully the mechanics can find out what is draining the starter and fix it for free. I am tired of our car breaking down every few months. It is tiring.On Sunday we had a small Superbowl party. Five people showed up. Another couple was supposed to come but never did. We had a great time! I am glad at least that went right for us! We have tons of left overs to last a week or so. I am happy about that since we will not be able to go grocery shopping for a few days at least. Well, that was my wacky weekend. Hopefully next weekend will be better. I need to take these braids out then so I will be home all weekend getting this done. I may try to start taking them out on Friday night, so that by Saturday evening I will be finished.

Tue Feb 5, 2002

5:13 PM EST

"Car Fixed!"

We got our car back from the mechanics today! The mechanic said it seems to be the starter not the car that is causing the problems. He switched to a different brand and he is not expecting us to have any more break downs because of the starter from now on. I hope he is right.I am very tired, and it is hard for me to focus today. I am supposed to stay at work until 6:30 since I didn't get in until 8AM instead of my usual 7AM. *shrugs* Oh well.Not looking forward to this weekend either. I am taking my braids out so that usually consumes all of my Saturday and I wind up looking like shit the whole rest of the week until my friend does my hair again next Saturday. *sigh*My break is over now....I gotta get back to work now.

Fri Feb 8, 2002

10:43 PM EST

"Luxor! Here We Come!!!!!!!!!!"

It is totally official now. xxxxx and I are booked for the Luxor in Vegas for four nights/five days in April. I cannot wait! At 6 this morning xxxx called his bank's hotline to see if the money from Uncle Sam was deposited into his account. Low and Behold, it was there! So I immediately logged onto the internet and booked our package for Vegas. Shortly after that, xxxx while taking his shower called to me and asked if we wanted to go into the city to do some gambling for "practice" before we go to Vegas. Of course I said yes! Well, we went there, ate breakfast buffet *yuk*, and gambled for about eight hours off and on. The last hour we were there xxxxx hit on $400 with a slot machine!! So, we got all the money we gambled throughout the day back, plus some! (Oh and we also went to the movies and saw "The Mothman Prophies". A GREAT flick for all of you supernatural believers out there. I loved it, despite all the bad reviews it has received.) When we left there and drove back into town, we stopped at an adult novelty store to spoil ourselves with some goodies. *wink wink* Then off to a bookstore so that I can finally buy that book by John Edward. I have already started to read it and I LOVE it! I won't be able to put this book down!Anyhoo, I am so psyched about our upcoming trip to Vegas! I haven't been out of state for about 3 years. This will be so fun!!

Sun Feb 10, 2002

11:52 AM EST

"Sick As A Dog."

I am soooo sick right now. I had the sore throat from hell yesterday and last night. Now I am very congested and tired. I cannot sleep though because I get really stuffed up and it is hard for me to sleep. I took a few capfuls of Nyquil last night. It helped, but I feel as if I still didn't get enough sleep. xxxx is out grocery shopping now. Can't wait for him to get back with my daytime medicine. I am suffering here. Well, it looks as if I won't be taking my braids out this weekend. I called my friend and told her that we will probably need to take a rain-check for next weekend. She was supposed to braid my hair next Saturday, but if I cannot get these old ones out by then, we will need to reschedule. Oh well, Just so it gets done before April 29th I'll be okay. :-)

Tue Feb 12, 2002

2:59 PM EST

"*cough cough*"

Still sick, but I am at work today.I took my braids out yesterday, glad that is all done and over with. At least that is done.I just got the official email confirmation about my trip to Vegas today! I should be getting the plane tix through Fed-Ex within the next few days. :-)I am V happy!

Note: This concludes my entries for that time. I didn't write another diary until I started this one last year. Just to tie up the loose ends: We went to Vegas and loved it. Hubby and I went the next year, 2003, and stayed at the Luxor again. We wanted to go every year but we had to miss this year so that we could visit his family back east instead.

Our car kept breaking down after that one incident. We finally found a mechanic that fixed the problem for good, but it is still a mystery as to why our starter kept breaking. Needless to say, we have since bought a new car...see previous posts about it.

And last but not least, I am still not pregnant. We have discovered through our fertility doctor that I have a fertility issue. We can still have children, but we will need medical intervention for that to happen. Luckily though, we can concieve with our own egg/sperm. A donor is not needed.

So that's it with the updates. Anything else you want to know you can read the archives to this blog which is found on the right side of the entries.

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

I absolutely love those body mist sprays that come in the small plastic spray bottles. I have about 4 different ones now and I love them! The scent does not last as long as real perfume, but if you spray yourself once every few hours, it is fresh and fragrant. I should be on QVC or something.

So anyways, I looked up U-Haul last night to get an idea how much money it will cost us to move next summer, and wow! For a D.I.Y you would think it would be the cheapest way to go. But it's not! It would cost us the same amount to hire a company like ABF to do the driving for us. What they do is drop the truck off at your residence. You pack your boxes and load the truck. Then two days later, they come and pick up the truck and THEY drive it cross country for you! When they reach your new home, they drop the truck off and you have another two days to unload it. Then they come back and take the truck away.

It is like having a U-Haul with a professional driver! Neither my husband nor I wanted to drive the U-Haul cross country. His brother-in-law was going to fly up here to drive the U-Haul for us and we would follow him in the car. But after paying for his plane ticket and the U-Haul it would cost us about $1,700 roughly. If we utilize ABF it will only cost us roughly $1,400. Less if we use less space in their truck. More if we use more space on their truck. But the rough estimate so far is still $300 cheaper than renting a U-Haul and driving it ourselves.

I am honestly surprised more people have not thought to do this.

Here is the link to ABF if you or someone you know is looking for a cheap way to move:
ABF Link

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Why do people bother drinking de-caf coffee? I thought the whole point in drinking that nasty stuff is to wake up! If it is lacking in caffeine, I fail to see the point in drinking it.

The same goes for non-alcholic beer. Yuk!
What's next, carb-free burgers? Oh wait...

Another random rambling:

I am currently breaking a fashion law regarding sandals. I am wearing my cute denim sandals, but my toe nails are in desperate need of a new coat of nail polish. The polish I put on a month ago is chipping away. Some toe nails don't even show any signs of polish at all.
So if you see me, please do not issue me a fashion police citation. I promise to fix the problem as soon I can. In the meantime, I will stick to wearing my sneakers.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I am addicted to an RPG game called "Sacred". Not as good as Baulder's Gate, but still entertaining. And addicting.

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Thursday, August 05, 2004


Looking forward to the weekend! I get to sleep in for the first time in a while. We aren't working overtime so we have the whole weekend to do whatever we want. I think we'll rent some movies, go to a nice restaurant for dinner, ect!

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Smash Copier
Work is becoming unbearable. The supervisors are all getting disgruntled about their own things and we in the lower rungs of the latter are starting to feel it. On top of all this, our freedoms are slowly being taken away from us. I'm starting to feel crushed and deflated. The best definition I've heard is from a friend who is also a former co-worker. She said the place I work is a spirit killer. At the end of the week you feel so empty and uncared for that it is so hard to go back to work on Monday.

We used to have an incentive program so that if you did more production you got a bonus check. They took that away and made some changes in our department. Now we are breaking all sorts of production records and there is no incentive program in sight. We have made our company more money this year than they planned and as a thank you we get more and more freedoms taken away. Handcuffed To The Desk It's getting out of hand. Quit Your Complaining

I can't wait to move.

  • Name: Nicole
  • Age: 28
  • Fav Board Game: Life
  • Fav Color: Yellow & Pink
  • Fav Day: Saturday
  • Fav Season: Spring
  • Loves: Kindness, consideration, & honesty
  • Hates: Backstabbing, hatred & ignorance
  • Actor I Want To Meet: Vin Diesel!
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