Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Tape And Rewind!

I need Tivo. Every Monday two of my favorite shows come on at the exact same time. The Casino and Family Plots .

I keep having to decide which one to watch and which one to miss. So last night I watched The Casino. Now I am regretting it because it was a little dull. I have a feeling Family Plots was good. Oh well.

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Small Goals

Well I got some cleaning done! I was able to get the guest room nice and clean except for the closet which I might just let go. I cleaned off the dining room table also. It was covered in papers like bills, pay stubs, magazines, ect. I organized and cleaned. It is back to being a little messy, but nothing 2 min can't do!

All that is left is to clean the pet room, bathrooms, guest bedroom closet and if we have time, our bedroom closet. We plan to do that a little at a time this week.

We invited one of our friends to come over and stay overnight if he wants. Some other friends will come by to check on the cats and feed them. So between the three of them coming over the house will be pretty safe. We're still paranoid about burgalars from our experience Oct 2003. Luckily, one of the house sitters works third shift so there will be someone here all hours of the day and night. I'll be able to really relax on vacation now. *whew*

Song of the Day: Escapade-Janet Jackson

"Come on baby let's get away
Let's save your troubles for another day
Come go with me we've got it made
Let me take you on an escapade (let's go)

We'll have a good time
Leave your worries behind
You can be mine
An escapade"

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Hi Ho Hi Ho Off To Work We Go....

I don't mind my job. I sit in a big cubicle doing data entry and answering phones. When calls are slow or when I am not on the phones I enjoy listening to Real Player radio (BBC stations mainly). I like to check my email every now and then and like now, add an entry to my blog every now and then as well.

I make decent money and my benefits package kicks ass left and right. I've been here for over 5 years and I have yet to find another company with the same type of work, pay, and benefits as this. But as the old saying goes, there is always something better around the corner.

Now I am in a quandry. There is another company within a 30 min drive that is hiring. It would be the same position except no phones!! I would be taking a small pay cut but unlike my employer, they offer services at their job site that is just unbelievable to me:

A full service Gym with a basketball court


Massage service

Photo Lab for a decent price

and a ton of other goodies.

What is similar to my job now? Well the health and dental are the same, they both offer stock options and 401K, and they both have basically the same work hours.

The problem? Well I would be giving up 3 weeks a year of vacation for 1 week a year with them. You have to be there for 5 years in order to start getting 3 weeks. It might not seem like a big deal, but when you take away 80 hours of vacation from someone a year, that is a HUGE thing. I use every second of my vacation hours every year. So to deny me of more than half of that is problematic.

Also, I work right next to my home. If I applied and got accepted for this other job I would have to commute 30 min a day one way. I drive a Mustang so you can imagine how much gas I would burn every week.

And to get paid LESS than I am getting now, I would be losing money.

But....I would gain all those goodies plus more that I listed above!

Is it worth it? Would I even use their gym facilities? Sure, the first month might be exciting and fun, but the novelty wears off quick. Do I really need an ATM right at work when I won't even have money to buy anything on site? Besides, what would I buy?

Hmmmmm. I think I will need to sit on this a little longer. At least I know there is a place to go if things go sour where I work now. Either way, the bills will get paid.

Song of the Day: Work-Bob Marley

"Five days to go: working for the next day;
Four days to go: working for the next day;
Say we got: three days to go now: working for the next day;
Two days to go (ooh): working for the next day, yeah.
Say we got: one day to go: working for the -
Every day is work - work - work - work!"

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

And I Don't Do Windows!

Gotta do some "spring" cleaning this week and next. It's about time too. I can't tell you how many bags and boxes of papers that we keep meaning to go through and shred. Also, the downstairs closet is such a mess you can barely open the door before things start falling out.

The thing is, I hate cleaning. Even light dusting and picking up I hate. So getting me to deep clean is like pulling teeth out of an alligator! But I have an incentive...we are going on vacation soon and some friends of ours will be house-sitting. These friends keep their home spotless! Every drawer (at least the ones in the kitchen when I visited them once)is organized and neat and they don't have not one dust bunny anywhere. I think seeing our house in the state it's in will cause them to break out in hives and go running and screaming to the hills.

We have to clean anyways, so we might as well clean thoroughly.

I decided to clean a little at a time instead of cramming it all into one weekend.

I lived with a roommate who insisted we deep clean the apartment once every three months. That meant pulling everything from the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom and cleaning the shelves, and even cleaning the fridge. Also, every piece of furniture was pulled out and we would vaccum where that piece of furniture stood, (example: The beds and the home entertainment system). She did this every three months! She said that is how she was raised. I only lived with her for one semester so I didn't have to do it more than twice. I am sure she STILL does this wherever she lives. God bless her husband or roommate.

I am not that way. I don't clean THAT thorougly until I move out and am forced to in order to get my deposit back.

Now, let's get the record straight...I am not dirty, I am just messy. I don't have dishes with food and spoiled milk hiding under the bed or empty soda cans in the closets. My mess of choice are clothes and papers....everywhere. Piles of paper in bags, boxes, and otherwise. Clothes strewn all over the floor of my closet seperated in clean and dirty piles. Clothes found on the bathroom floor and in the guest room floor (socks mostly in that room). Just messy, messy, messy!

And it's gonna take me two weeks to get everything in nice order before we leave for our vacation...

Song of the Day: Cleaning Out My Closet-Eminem

"But tonight, I'm cleaning out my closet
One more time"

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Come and visit my new group/forum! It is called Nicole's Healthy Living Group

It is brand spankin' new. :D

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Total Fascination!

I am in awe of a "new" find of mine. Old diaries/journals and letters. Let me explain. I have always been and still continue to be fascinated by vintage letters and postcards with writing on the backs. I remember standing in museums in absolute awe while viewing an actual letter written by a soldier in the Civil War to his bride back home. Seeing the writing, ink, and yellowed parchment made me curious as to who this writer was and what ever became of him. I imagined being the bride at home missing my honey and being very anxious to recieve his letters.

With my interest in such things, it never occured to me that in this day and age it is possible for a middle-classed person with no ties to museums to be able to afford to purchase letters, postcards, and yes even diaries from 50 years and back on the internet!

Thanks to websites such as eBay these type of voyeuristic desserts are in abundance! And cheap. Well....most of them.

I haven't actually purchased any yet, but when I find the right one I will. I would like my items to be at least 50 years old, in decent condition, authentic, and handwritten. Diaries do not have to be filled all the way in. There can be chunks of blank pages. But some of it at least has to have actual handwriting between the pages. Letters must come accompianed by an envelope to help insure authenticity and postcards have to have the mail mark on them to prove they were mailed in the era the postcard is supposedly from.

Since I am a novice of course, I still need to brush up on how to identify fakes because I am sure they are there. Though I would assume fakes are more prevalent with items supposedly from celebrities and historical figures. I am not interested in those anyways. I think a letter from a total unknown to another total unknown is more meaningful to me than to read a letter from Einstein or Thomas Jefferson. I know most people would not agree, but that is just my personal preference.

If anyone knows of any other place I can buy these types of things other than eBay please let me know!! Auctions can get expensive.

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Monday, June 14, 2004

Been working tons of overtime in anticipation of our vacation to the East coast soon. I haven't had a lot of time to make entries into the blog. Sorry.

As for that drama at work I hinted at. Well let's just say, I do customer service work on the phones and I had some knucklehead co-worker complain to my supervisor that I laughed too loud during one of my calls. Needless to say, the person I was talking to was an older man that was hard of hearing so I had to talk and laugh loud when he would say funny things. I didn't get in trouble when I explained that to my supervisor but it was just the idea.

Well, back to the grind!

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Some drama brewing at work...details later!

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Friday, June 04, 2004

If my adult self could give advice to my 10 year old self what would I say?

Well, here is my advice list:

1. Don't trust everyone you meet
2. Stay true to yourself
3. Take learning seriously
4. The boy you have a crush on now will NOT become your husband. You will find, fall in love with, and marry someone a million times better anyways
5. Clothes, makeup, and the IN crowd aren't everything
6. Keep at least one friend out of your clique for life. Don't lose touch. Write, call, and visit no matter how far you move apart. You will wish for that bond when you get older
7. Love yourself
8. Keep active and eat right. You will thank yourself later
9. Your parents love you and just want what is right for you. There is a curfew because they care about you, not because they are just being mean
10. Enjoy it all now. One day you will be responsible to pay the bills, and make the money. And no, they don't have summer vacation once you start working.

I wonder what my 50 year old self would tell my 26 year old self? Stay tuned! To Be Continued in 24 Years...

Song of the Day: Promise To Try-Madonna

"Little girl you've got to forget the past
And learn to forgive me
I promise to try -- but it feels like a lie"

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